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  1. do let me know when this is fixed as i am very interested in buying this
  2. well my free trial has ended, but as i said it did not give an error on the debug. just showed the script starting then stopping
  3. hey hash, nice script. everything seems to be working except for making bolt tips. i have enough levels in crafting to make emerald tips but when i start the script it automatically ends the script. i tried starting with the emeralds in my inventory and the chisel but it just deposits it in the bank and ends the script. i then tried crafting a few emerald tips then starting the script but it deposits everything in that's in my inventory in the bank then withdraws the bolt tips then ends the script. i think maybe it is trying to make bolts but i specifically am clicking on making bolt tips. there are also no errors in debug just showing that script stopping.
  4. does this support quickstart? if so what would i put as the params?
  5. Hey Xehpy, love the script. i was wondering if there is any Quickstart support for this. if so can you tell me what the params are? thanks
  6. Hello, the script is broken since the update today. the script no longer deposits bars in the bank, but instead clicks on the search button over and over again. pls fix
  7. can i trial your script please, i am thinking of buying it.
  8. can i trial your script please, i am thinking of buying it.
  9. I recently purchased this because it looked so much better than other mining scripts. but ive seem to come to a problem where i keep getting banned when i reach around 1.8k ores, ive had 6 bots been banned within the last few days. theyve all been at different locations. However none of them have had anti bot on only anticipate. would anti bot actually extend my chances of not getting banned? because i feel like not matter how much i level up my accounts to look more legitimate, ( skilling up other stats) i keep getting banned at that 1.8k ore collection.
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