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    1. Since I’ve never really done stuff like this before, I’d say 3mil 👀 unless you have another number in mind or if you need something other than 66 mage with the account
    2. Hey guys! I’ve been pretty bored in real life lately and so will be looking for some work on here! If anybody is in need of some basic leveling/questing (or would like accounts made for those purposes), I’m happy to take care of some of the more annoying early-game content I’d be happy to hand train 1-3 accounts in this fashion, so that way I don’t get burnt out. If I can ever help anybody out, feel free to reach out! Also everybody stay safe out there, it’s a wild, wild world.
    3. I’m looking to buy one account with 73 hunter, no other stats matter to me. Must have no email/an email I can’t take control of. Let me know your price
    4. It means I actually have to do things instead of talking to people on the internet, ugh
    5. That makes me a big sad boi
    6. As long as you all are social distancing properly, you all should be just fine It's the people that don't take it seriously that get hit the hardest, everyone thinks they're invincible...
    7. Just wondering if Babble is down for everybody or if it’s just me? I usually love chatting it up with all of you fine folks and miss using it
    8. In terms of COVID-19? Last I worked, there were about 10 COVID-19 patients in our regular unit with probably 1 patient in their 40s. There were about 7 in our COVID-19 ICU with ~one person in their 30s and ~one person in their 40s if I remember correctly. So it doesn’t really discriminate in terms of age. Although, I don’t know their medical history/if they were potentially street drug abusers (which increases risk of serious complications) so the age factor may be confounded by other problems.
    9. Depends on what you mean. If you mean get a prescription to fill at a pharmacy outside the hospital, that'd be very difficult. If instead you mean for workers to take medications directly from the hospital, that is very easy (which is a shame because it sets people up for potential addiction)
    10. Considering the state of the world, a lot of people are confused and receiving inaccurate information regarding COVID-19. I work in a hospital pharmacy, so if anybody has any questions directly about COVID-19 (or in general about medications) or would like my opinion on studies/news they see, hit me up
    11. Sup Boi

      Hi There

      Street price = about $20 a pop so probably 40M 😂
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