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  1. I don't know if it neccesarily was a proxy issue, but I'm banking on it being the problem. I've tried multiple formats, but I assume it's meant to be ip:password:port(?) but as far as I can tell it doesn't really do anything.
  2. 4ng1f1sh


    @Roma Just curious, any other quests in the works?
  3. won't accept my proxies, what am I doing wrong? @henrique190
  4. Looking to buy some 85 mining accounts if anyone has a few to spare or can train em up for me.
  5. I'm looking for something that can pause another script in progress, similar to how Hashtag's muling script can seamlessly allow you to run other scripts meanwhile that script itself is running. I can go into further detail of what I'm after in a PM. I would be willing to pay for this script as well.
  6. @Hashtag Any chance this script could see the slaves running their way to the mule, climbing ladders and opening doors and or other obstacles that may be in their way? I'd be willing to pay for the addition if need be.
  7. 4ng1f1sh

    85 mining

    Looking to buy a few accounts with 85 mining. Not looking for accounts with other stats beyond what's necessary to mine runite ore.
  8. Tried on multiple accounts, every single one got banned after a short period of time. Tried on freshly created accounts as well as aged accounts. I suppose it doesn't help if I'm doing them all at once so I'll give doing only one or two of them for a bit a go.
  9. 4ng1f1sh


    I'm basically looking for a Runite ore mining script and a zammy wine grabber
  10. 4ng1f1sh


    Looking to grab a script or two. PM for infos.
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