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    1. To be honest, it feels to me like a temp ban flags some sort of manual parole. Like, You can bot for years on an account, and if you try a new script that gets you banned, now that account is being watching more closely, and scripts that normally don't not trigger the anti-ban system, will start to get you a moderator ban on any accounts associated with that account and IP.
    2. Nice, Im going to implement this into my Rogues Den cooking script Edit: Technically, its yours since I literally just edited the cCooking from Github 😉
    3. This is from 2021, so its probably using the Dreambot 2 API. You're going to have to go through it and update it to Dreambot 3
    4. Thanks, I think the key is the defensive ranged. IDK why it would be the script. I tried with menu manipulation on, and with it off. It happens on multiple accounts despite what weapons are being used.
    5. Not sure if it's a recent update with the way combat is handled, or if something is messed up, but I've caught the Sand Crab script (In Claw Crab Cave) just spinning around not attacking anything for long enough that my EXP went from 17K/H (Range defense training) down to 9K over a 3.5 hour runtime. This has happened multiple times over the last two days. Auto-retaliate is on. I have not caught it starting, but it feels like maybe they changed the way your player reacts to the crabs when you reset aggro. Checking to see if local player hasnt attacked or gained exp in x amount of seconds (but is still in combat), it will click the closest crab might fix it. I think it might happen when it resets aggro. Might just be as easy telling it to click a crab as soon as it comes back to the idle tile to reinitiate the auto-retaliate.
    6. If it help - I ran this on two accounts about 12 hours apart starting Friday night. Both had 85 range and completed first try in an hour (one was 1:01, the other was 1:05) without any issues. Both had 43 prayer, and used like maybe 2 doses of brews each if that as it is very effective at not taking damage. Has a slight issue dodging bats, but even then had plenty of potions left over. For NN - One issue I did have that was entirely not the scripts fault, was that I was doing thieving and had NPC's on hidden. As you can expect, it did not know how to handle that. I totally understand if you guys expect your users to not be a dummies, but the way the post describes the product has a, "Just hit start" vibe, so I thought Id mention it. Appreciate the work your team does, and very impressed with the way all of the scripts you release handle complex mouse movements avoiding and predicting. For example. I am very impressed with the work Sub did on all of his scripts. But even the Vorkath script that has fancy mouse work like Wox Walking feels procedural, like its avoiding empty tiles, or tiles that are hard coded to be safe like tiles in Zulrah that are always safe from the venom clouds, ect . The times I've used scripts by your group, it feels more reactive like its avoid the boss the way a player does, and not the tile like the rest of them.
    7. probably their discord https://discord.com/invite/Kjn3mkAZzY
    8. Will this purchase gear or do I need to stock it up first?
    9. I have level 63 fishing, but it still goes to Barb Village for Trout/Salmon on a P2P world. There is no option to customize the "rod fishing" section in order to adjust this. Any way I can make it go to Barb fishing? Edit: Nevermind, I do not have 15 strength on that account LOL
    10. Just tried to fill jugs in Fally and GE. it does this weird thing where it gets to the water source, and then clicks like 5-6 times to the right, and then back to the water source, and then repeats this without doing any fills.
    11. trying to use the shopper to sell 2 items per world on an IM. As soon as I hit start the script ends and says, "Stopping Script! Out of Money". Which is kind of odd because you dont need money to sell items...?
    12. A "favorites" section would be useful in the script manager for the few that are used most often. 🙂
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