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    Hi Guys, 

    Let me welcome you to a little project ive been working on for the past 6 months, its a website conversion chatbot which instead of requiring live-web agents, you build out conversation trees to answer all sorts of common questions. 

    Firstly shoutout to @Hashtag for the inspiration from his Drag & Drop visual scripting tool: Link





    Good question! Recently the frontend development landscape has shifted a fair amount and i wanted something fun to try out a new framework in, not only that but with the incresed support activities for scripts as i release more i wanted a way of answering common questions quickly while also keeping that "human" touch. 

    So i settled on building a chatbot that i could quickly create conversations with on a drag & drop editor and then share them with customers or put them on a website. Admittedly ended up going a bit overboard on functionality. This project was intended for release before christmas but the GIF's caught me and felt like i had to add them in. 


    Bit About Me

    I realised i never really did an intro post on this forum so here goes! Ive been playing Runescape since RS2 and have been active in the botting scene on and off ever since then, ive been a scripter on many forums in the past from the days of SCAR scripts, RSBot, Fagex and many more. After a long break i picked it up again partly to satiate this long standing desire to automate the ENTIRE GAME. Ever since getting into coding this has been a goal of mine so hopefully it can be achieved this time!

    Im a software engineer from the UK whos been coding since Primary school, i now have over 20 years of proffessional enterprise experience and have worked on some of the biggest projects in the world. I run and manage my own dev company along with contract out for architecture & consultancy services. Thanks to COVID and not having a social life ive focused on working more on some of my personal projects & ideas during these lockdowns to maintain sanity! So this is the latest of those ideas :)


    Hows it built?

    Now the fun bit! Again the main reason to build this was to get my teeth into a new JS framework, ive mainly used React/Angular so decided to jump ship onto VueJS for this one. For one thing im blown away by the simplicity of VueJS over React. with React there is seeminly endless boilerplate for components especially with the addition of TypeScript! I think VueJS handles components wayy better than React and comes loaded with some of the stuff your missing with React out of the box especially around state management and parent->child components. 


    The backend is build it Golang with Postgres & Redis as data storage. Nothing much of note to say here, its a standard http router with some controllers & CRUD actions. for the display of the chatbot these are heavily cached on each update to ensure the website displaying the chatbot is shown rapidly. Decided to go for Stripe to handle payments & MailGun to handle outbound emails etc. Probably the most complex part of this was the reporting off the back of the customer analytics but again nothing special.



    Fully ISO 27001 Compliant, Data is encrypted at rest using AES-256 encryption. All user input is also salted prior to encryption with each individual customer maintaining their own salt key. Built to enterprise grade standards using the latest security & defensive programming techniques.


    Future Plans

    If all things go well ill be able to focus on this project a lot more as i have a tonne more ideas:

    • Improved analytics
    • More conversation options
    • ML modelled responses (rather than custom input)
    • ML optimized conversations for conversions
      • Would take all the information on the platform to optimize a conversation to convert more customers
    • More Reporting
      • Email alerts of new customers
    • Customer Association
      • Business
      • Country
    • Templates & Blocks
      • Reuse common conversation nodes across multiple conversations
      • Have the ability to select from some pre-built conversation templates to use on your website
    • Better signup process


    Questionable Colours!

    Yep they are loud! i wanted to try something a bit different to the normal websites you see now and for some reason really like how these two colours work, its still very much a work in progress and unfortunately i have not been gifted with an eye for design! 


    Conversation Creator

    My favourite part of this project! its a Drag & Drop conversation creator. each "node" can be attached ot multiple other nodes and within them you can enter in various Text, GIF's or even pure HTML if your doing something super fancy. 

    Had to go old school with this part so no framework here, built in ES6 utilzing CanvasJS and a custom zoom library (took forever) all transpiled down to ES5 and can be run in your browser! 



    Integrate into ANY site!

    All it takes to add Joebot to your site is a small section of code that can easily be copied/pasted. Want to checkout the convo below? Sure check it out! https://share.joebot.ai/preview/aac0b399-5b3a-4921-beca-48123bce972c



    Branding & Customisation

    To make it easy to match custom branding etc i added in a few customization options to get the look and feel right, you can adjust the typing speeds & sounds along with the basic colours of the bot. you can also upload 



    Reporting Dashboard

    When the chatbots live on a site it will track various statistics and report them on the main dashboard. it also tracks how many data entries from users etc have been added. These can then be viewed & exported.



    Want to try it out?

    I would love feedback on how it works, you can sign up for free at https://admin.joebot.ai/sign-up for a 14 day free trial, and ive also added a coupon code for Dreambot members for 3 months free also if you want to keep using it for longer :)


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