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  • [DB3] Bun AIO Farming [1-99] [175M+/Month] [Fully Customizable] [Progressive] [GE Restocking]


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    The #1 farming script. Unmatched.





    Starts From Level 1, Takes You To 99

    It's easy to setup for progressive leveling, as comes with the option to choose the best available crop.

    Make millions per day at high levels with under an hour of playtime total!


    Fully Customizable

    The robust yet intuitive GUI enables you to customize your farm runs in every aspect.

    You can plan out exactly what to plant, at which levels, which patches to visit, and how to get there, whether to protect or fertilize patches, and much more!


    Grand Exchange Support

    With automatic restocking of seeds, saplings, patch protection items, compost, teleports, runes, it's easier than ever!

    With the release AIO Farming v2.0 items can automatically be sold


    Grows Almost Anything, Anywhere

    Does allotments, flowers, herbs, hops, bushes, trees, fruit trees, cacti, just about anything!

    Supports 24 locations and 34 teleportation methods, plenty of places to go, and plenty of way to get there!


    Next-Generation Anti-Ban

    Integrated with Chameleon, a next-level cloud based service designed to help you blend in while botting

    Enhanced with data modeled after human play, now including mouse paths




    Supported Locations

    Allotment/Flower/Herb: Ardougne, Catherby, Falador, Hosidius, Port Phasmatys

    Hops: Champion's Guild, Seers' Village, Yanille

    Bush: Champion's Guild, Rimmington, Ardougne Monastery, Miscellania, Farming Guild

    Tree: Lumbridge, Falador park, Taverley, Varrock courtyard, Tree Gnome Stronghold, Farming Guild

    Fruit Tree: Catherby, Brimhaven, Tree Gnome Stronghold, Farming Guild

    Cactus: Al Kharid, Farming Guild

    ...more will be supported soon!


    Current Version






    Getting started


    1) Add a farm run by clicking the plus icon in the bottom right, farm runs will automatically repeat as long as you have the supplies and/or restocking is enabled


    2) What to plant - pick what to plant in categories relevant to the locations you will have it go to in this farm run; if you want it to always plant "Watermelon" in allotments, you would select that in the box, otherwise you can select "Choose best" to have it always plant the highest level crop

    3) Fertilizing/protecting - this decides whether compost is used and whether items are given to the nearby farmer to protect the patch, both of these options will apply to all crops in the run

    4) End of run transport - if you are using restocking, you'll want something that takes you near the Grand Exchange, like Varrock teleport/teletab or Ring of wealth (Grand Exchange), otherwise pick whatever works best for you as long as it's not far from a bank

    5) Locations - this decides where it will go, you should also select a teleport method for each location otherwise it'll walk all the way

    Important Tip: Don't try to go to too many locations or plant too many different type of things in one run, anything that's not Allotment/Flower/Herb should probably be split into its own run, different crops have different growth times!

    It's honest work.








    How to use QuickStart:

    1. Add this to your args: -params config=name
    2. Replace name with the filename of the desired config

    Note: For Automation Tool, the "-params" portion can be excluded




    • Fixed level requirement of Torstol


    • Added Catherby teleport option to Catherby (fruit tree) location


    • Added Catherby teleport option to Catherby location
    • Fixed issue where Taverley teleport was not recognized


    • Improvements to GE buying/selling
    • Fixed issue where anti-pattern shifting was not working as intended


    • Tweaked minimum zoom to be higher


    • Improvements to walking logic
    • Fixed issue where it didn't wait more than a few seconds for sell offers to complete
    • Fixed issue where it didn't pick fruit from certain fruit trees
    • Fixed issue where it didn't swap noted items for unnoted ones


    • All mouse algorithms are now affected by DreamBot mouse speed setting 
    • Added level and levels gained to paint
    • Fixed minor bug with bank cache
    • Fixed minor bug with loadout system


    • Fixed recent issue where it would get stuck trying to withdraw an item that wasn't on the main tab
    • Fixed recent issue where it would zoom in extremely close under certain circumstances


    • Fixed issue where session limit settings were not saving or applying


    • A cleaner UI
    • Sell list support, you can now specify a list of items to be sold if you run out of coins
    • Customizable pricing for each item
    • Chameleon integration, enhancing the script with human data and mouse paths
    • Improved anti-pattern, now including zoom, camera movements, and random mouse movements
    • Smart Traversal enabled for travel to Grand Exchange (calculates the most optimal route, making use of any teleports)
    • Lots of minor improvements/fixes


    • Fixed rare issue that caused the script to get stuck when clearing a patch if the inventory was full


    • Fixed rare issue that caused the script to get stuck handling obstacles when custom pathing was enabled
    • Fixed rare issue that caused the script to get stuck when trying to clear a bush patch


    • Tweaked to favor planting crop before noting produce
    • Added Wind Mouse algorithm option
    • Added Ease Mouse algorithm option
    • Added Brimhaven fruit tree patch support
    • Added Brimhaven teletab transport method
    • Added Hosidius teletab transport method
    • Added Rimmington teletab transport method
    • Added Taverly teletab transport method
    • Added Yanille teletab transport method
    • Some other minor improvements
    • Compatibility with built-in break system
    • Fixed bug where it does not purchase or bring protection items for: Sweetcorn, Strawberry, Watermelon, or Snape grass 
    • Fixed bug where it gets stuck trying to protect patches when protection is enabled on an Allotment/Flower/Herb runs
    • Fixed bug where it gets stuck momentarily when moving the camera around for interaction using human mouse option


    • Significant additions to Grand Exchange anti-pattern


    • Added anti-pattern during farm runs
    • Added Al Kharid cactus patch support
    • Added Farming Guild bush patch support
    • Added Farming Guild cactus patch support
    • Added Farming Guild tree patch support
    • Added Farming Guild fruit tree patch support
    • Added Amulet of glory (Al Kharid) transport method
    • Added Skills necklace (Farming Guild) transport method
    • Added Spirit tree (Farming Guild) transport method


    • Updated GUI for DB3
    • Human mouse algorithm now applies to all actions
    • Human mouse algorithm is improved
    • Added Grand Exchange anti-pattern
    • Added Gnome Stronghold tree patch support
    • Added Gnome Stronghold fruit tree patch support
    • Added Miscellania bush patch support
    • Added Ring of wealth (Grand Exchange) transport method
    • Added Ring of wealth (Miscellania) transport method
    • Added Spirit tree (Grand Exchange) transport method
    • Added Spirit tree (Gnome Stronghold) transport method
    • Added toggle for replanting bushes/fruit trees (allowing you to plant them once and only harvest them each run after if you favor GP over XP)


    • Added failsafe to stop the script in case it gets stuck in the same place for a while
    • Bug fixes


    • Initial release



    Q) It stops as soon as I press start, what do I do?

    A) To see the exact cause, open the console. There are two possibilities:

    1. Items are missing and restocking is disabled (if you do in fact have the necessary items, then have the bank open when starting the script to refresh the item cache)

    2. One or more farm runs are invalid, to have a valid farm run you need to make sure you:

    • Have added at least one plant and have the level required for all of them (does not apply to the "Choose best" option)
    • Have added at least one location
    • Didn't make it too large to the point of not being able to fit all the items needed to perform that run in the inventory (consider splitting up your farm runs)

    Q) What do the 'Human interaction' and 'Human mouse' options do?

    A) Human interaction alters interaction to use more realistic timings, Human mouse replaces the built-in algorithm with a more humanlike one.


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    • 2 weeks later...
    5 hours ago, DamnMoneyxx said:

    Trail please upvoted


    Is there any preset for 1-99 or does it have to be manually set up

    Authed. It's easy as adding one farm run, setting the crops to "Choose best", and adding which locations you want it to go to. Though I may add some presets in the future.

    Edited by Bunnybun
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    On 8/5/2020 at 5:13 PM, mustibabz said:

    Nice man, could i get a trial?

    6 hours ago, trolled444 said:

    Could I have a trial



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    • Bunnybun changed the title to [DB3] Bun AIO Farming [1-99] [175M+/Month] [Fully Customizable] [Progressive] [GE Restocking]

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