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  • 💥Defiled Lava Dragons 💥Anti-PK 💥Multiple-Spots 💥Trident Support 💥 Looting bag 💥And more.. ​


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    Multiple AntiPK Methods | Multiple Spots | Looting bag Support | Trident Seas/Swamp Support | Pestle Support | Multiple Transportation Methods


    Short Summary: Kills Large Fiery Lizard-things


    • Transportation (Games Necklace Method, Agility Method, Edgeville Lever Method, Annakarl Method, and more..)
    • AntiPK (Spam-Running & Hopping/QuickHopping/Logout & Safing)
    • Looting Bag Support (Inserts drops into the Looting bag when the Inventory is near full)
    • Trident Seas/Swamp Support (Charges Tridents to full when uncharged)
    • Pestle and Mortar Support (Frees up more inventory space by crushing Lava Scales)
    • Simple and Easy to maneuver through GUI
    • Ring of wealth, Games necklace, Amulet of Glory support (When Banking at the end of the trip)
    • and more..

    Video Showcase:




    - Add "Ring of wealth" or "Amulet of glory" or "Varrock teleport" to the inventory or equipment for faster banking.

    - Idle-hop checkbox: Check if you want the bot to hop if idle (No dragon reachable) for 1 minute.

    - Looting bag: The bot will insert items into the looting bag when the inventory is near full.

    - Avoid Dangerous Loot: If checked, the bot won't pickup loot near a dragon (This is beneficial to very low level accounts that can get 1 hit killed)

    - The bot will re-stock and go back to the dragon if killed for any reason.

    - Range CAN be used, just don't check Magic and you should be fine.


    6/5/2020 Update 3.0: LATEST UPDATE! (To view older update logs, join the discord)

    Fixed AntiPK shutting off mid trip
    Fixed Amulet of glory teleportation screw up
    Fixed GUI saving problem (profile name) 
    Fixed Looting bag hovering in bank
    Fixed uncharged glory problem 
    Fixed Equipment/Inventory problem
    New Features:
    Added First time Looting Bag Insertion Handling 
    Added Super energy potions support
    Added Stamina potions support
    Logout Tab will always be open while fighting the lava drags
    Ensured Spot Handling 
    Added Bank at Item(s)
    Added GUI Compatibility for DB3
    Added Death Tracker to the paint
    Added Pkers deterred tracker to the paint 
    Added Support for Ranged (Ammo checking) 
    Added Salamander Support (Remember to check the correct combat style) 
    Made emptying currently worn & inventory more humanlike (no more emptying twice)

    7/13/2020 UPDATE 3.2:

    Update Log: 
    - Fixed Wrong Tab Teleportation Interaction Bug
    - Fixed State stuck on ANTI_PK in Non-Wildy Bug 
    - Applied some debugging code 
    - Enhanced AntiPK detectability
    - Cleaned and Reduced System Resources Usage 
    - Added Ignore if not found for item: Chaos gauntlets 
    - Added Protect Item Prayer Automated Handling 
    - Disabled Range Detection on Tridents Bug Fix 
    - Fixed Ignoring Looting bag in the bank bug

    Bug Report Format:

    How to report bugs:

    Bug Description:

    How can I repeat this bug:

    Picture/GIF (Optional): 


    Need help with the script? Encountered a bug and need Support? Join My Discord Server!





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    35 minutes ago, Hashtag said:

    Released! Looks dope, nice one 🙂


    17 minutes ago, UberJason said:

    If I didn't already have a lava dragon script on another client I'd give this a try. Looks nice. :) 

    Thanks guys 

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