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    Just bought the lifetime version without even trying it out. Absolutely no regrets mate. It runs effortlessly and, while I do die a lot because my accounts are all super low level, it still works as  intended.


    Look forward to potentially hiring you for a custom script one day. :) Fanboi4lifenow 

    edit: one thing I'd like to mention if possible. It'd be super dope if the bots could drink a stam dose before leaving because I keep dying often to some high level bosses en route to the dragons due to no run energy.


    Super edit: After using this script for a few days now, holy hell all the regrets on buying this. Buyer beware, it's buggy and you are likely to get banned.  The amount of bugs for a $50 script is insane. Refunded this script.


    List of bugs that I came across before I refunded this script:

    - Unable to use Amulet of Glory except for glory (6) or (4).
    - Bot randomly gets stuck in an endless loop of depositing items and withdrawing items. Requires a restart of the script to fix it.
    - Fails to continue script after death, it gets stuck in lumbridge or walks back to edgeville and gets stuck on the trees near Draynor Manor.
    - Sometimes it will randomly suicide into the dragons. Not sure if this means the avoid dangerous loot option you have is broken or it is something else.
    - Anti-pk system does not detect players quickly.
    - Bot will accidentally click on "one mouse option" and thus breaks the bot.
    - If bot accidentally opens the looting bag, it will deposit the looting bag and never take it out of the bank once opened.
    - Fails to refill trident.
    - If trident doesn't say "full" it can't use a trident.
    - Potions have the same issues as glories and work only at a specified dose.
    - Feature to use Pestle and mortar only works sometimes, will pick up scales or crush them at random.
    - Seemingly random but the bot will remove the gear it is wearing after walking to lava dragons, and then walk back to bank, and regear and then walk back.
    - Script has no fail safe measure in place. It will fail the same task over and over until you manually stop the script or it is kicked off the game. 

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    • 1 year later...

    Do you plan on picking this one back up? i loved using it when it was active, doesnt seem to be a good lava dragons bot about.

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    9 hours ago, mixh mixh said:

    Do you plan on picking this one back up? i loved using it when it was active, doesnt seem to be a good lava dragons bot about.

    Yes soon :) 

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