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  • DreamBot's First Scripting Competition!


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    Hello everyone, I'm glad to announce our first scripting competition will be starting soon!
    When Will the Contest End?
    You will have until March 13th to send in your scripts (and source) via PM to @Eliot.
    After that, we'll be judging them for one week (unless we have many entries, then it will take up to two).
    What Kind of Script?
    For our first competition, we'll be allowing ANY script to enter, however, please note that more complex scripts will earn more points for their complexity (see the criteria below).
    How Will it Be Judged?
    We'll have 3 developers (randomly chosen) judge them and the scores will be averaged.

    • Complexity (35 points)
    • Stability (20 points)
    • Convention Usage (10 points)
    • Organization (10 points)
    • GUI UX and Design (if applicable, 5 points)
    • Ease of Use (5 points)

    1st place: $100
    2nd place: $50
    3rd place: $25
    All prizes will be paid via PayPal.
    This first competition will be free-for-all (make any script you'd like, no limits).
    However, all work must be your own.


    Good luck everyone, and happy scripting!
    DreamBot Staff

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    This is gonna' be awesome. I'm going for that grand prize :D As far as the "complexity" criteria is concerned, does this mean the complexity of the task or the complexity of the script?


    I was going to but then

    Dont worry Polishwizard is all magic, no script skillz.

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    Yeah it will be hard for me as a beginner to compete against some of the people here, but I'm sure DreamBot will get a boost in quality scripts because of this so that's good.  ^_^

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