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    1. Welcome, if you have any questions you can join the Discord channel https://discord.gg/wvZaH3W
    2. Welcome Here's a tutorial on both paint and gui: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/8530-scripting-101/
    3. @Hadies_Alchem I will take a look, I didn't change anything about delays though. Edit: I'm not sure how you're experiencing delays? I tried both upper level and lower level and it seems to work fine. Please try restarting your client with the "Fresh start" option enabled.
    4. Kristoffer's Salamanders General info Recommended: wear a bow without arrows to avoid attacking monsters Warning: script does not run away from PKers when doing black salamanders (PKers rarely go there though) Warning: script does not work well if there are other people around hunting as well, make sure you are alone! Catching salamanders is some of the fastest Hunter exp per hour in the game! Requirements Small fishing net and rope for each trap you will be setting (bring some extra in case you lose any; this is rare but can happen) Features - Catches every type of salamander - Automatically switches amount of traps it places if you reach the required level Locations Green salamanders - 29 Hunter Orange salamanders - 47 Hunter Red salamanders - 59 Hunter Black salamanders - 67 Hunter
    5. Update 25/07/2021 - Now supports second level - Takes a hammer from crates if none in inventory - Option to drop mined gems - Nicer paint & graphical user interface
    6. Welkom in de DroomRobot gemeenschap
    7. @Hadies_Alchem Hey, I will take a look tomorrow because my account is currently 2 day banned.
    8. Agility safest? I can barely get Graceful without getting banned.
    9. Good luck. I agree that making things for games is one of the most fun way to learn programming languages.
    10. Yes, probably one of the safest botting activities there is. Personally I got 2 accounts 80+ base melee stats there, and a 99 ranged and 99 atk/str account botting 12+ hours a day.
    11. Just sharing my progress here, because why the fuck not. I like always having an account I'm botting on to see how far I can get. I've done this several times and gotten banned a few times, which I learned from so I'll try to get further this time. Method Here I will share some general information on how I'm going about things... I'm using a mixture of scripts I make myself, paid scripts and free scripts. I have a questing and Nmz script from another client, which will be my only paid scripts until I have money to buy scripts here on Dreambot (DB is my main client now). Scripts I have made myself so far: Motherlode script (which is on the SDN) Mud Rune crafter (Uses the Pendant method which is the fastest AFAIK) Sand Crab script Basic Fishing / Thieving script Avoiding bans Here I'll share some info I have gathered so other people can avoid bans too... #1 advice would be to switch up activies a lot, this has granted me the most success by far. I do something different every 1-2 hours. Scripts you make yourself are safer than public ones, especially free ones. More users = more data for Jagex = faster bans. I personally don't use breaks and never have, as long as you switch up activities you will be relatively fine. There are certain activies that are very bannable no matter what, and you need limit the time doing them as much as possible: Agility is the main dangerous skill, I don't bot more than 30 minutes/day. Questing is also very bannable, switch up activies a lot and do 2-4 quests a day max. Your location in game matters. There are hotspots where you'll get banned faster. For example instead of Barbarian Village I fish in Tree Gnome Stronghold. Pictures 16/07/2021 - 3 days of progress, also 60+ quest points (Monkey Madness, Underground Pass done)
    12. Just breaks isn't gonna help you much. The best way to avoid bans in my opinion is switch up your activies a lot.
    13. Kristoffer

      Sub DevTools

      Windows 8, just tried it again and it worked. Very strange.
    14. Just starts spam clicking on the buckets at the start of the script even though the ship hasn't flooded.
    15. Kristoffer

      Chaos Altar

      Very helpful script
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