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    Found 23 results

    1. Purchase using PayPal, OSRS GOLD, CRYPTO or OTHER Click here for your 2 hour free trial! Features Can run for days! See the 120 hour proggy below Supports custom areas Supports dragon axe special Supports banking Supports powerchopping Supports world hopping Supports any tree including Redwood Active customer support Gallery @TuckinFypo @Dangiris @falkare @Gains @Salix @mattias99 @Zeke @iTbag @Gold Farm @Gold Farm @Iitan kone @mazoner @Hashtag @Hashtag Click here for your 2 hour free trial!
    2. Screenshots Progressive Mode How to use Quickstart (VIP+) FAQ CLICK TO PURCHASE SCRIPT f2p_progressive.profile p2p_progressive.profile
    3. Manly Chopper AIO Woodcutting Script includes dropping, shift dropping, banking, bird's nests Features: Supports any tree, any location. Supports all web banks and (shift) dropping logs. Works in a confined area. Walks back to woodcutting area if no trees found nearby. Bird nest looting Flawless Doesn't bank/drop axe. Paint Quick start GUI Instructions: You will need to set the script's settings via quick start or using the GUI. When banking, it will go to the closest bank available in the web. GUI: If the script has trouble detecting which tree you are trying to chop/log you are trying to drop, make sure you entered them correctly in the GUI, case sensitive. Quick Start Parameters: There are 5 parameters in total. Tree name, case sensitive Log name, case sensitive Mode. Either drop or bank, not case sensitive Work radius. How far the trees have to be from the starting location to chop. Looting bird nests. True if you want to loot them, not case sensitive. By default, it will not loot them. Progress Reports: Price: VIP
    4. Features All Logs & Many Locations This script will light all logs in the game across a variety of locations. It also supports gathering the required logs via woodcutting with a progressive task system ideal for Ironman, the script can also be set to purchase all axes from the Grand Exchange as it levels for a full 1 click 99 experience. - Logs (GE, Varrock, Falador, Lumbride) - Oak Logs (Lumbridge, Draynor, Varrock, Falador, Seers, Falador Farm, Castle Wars) - Willow logs (Draynor, Seers, Hosidius) - Teak logs (Castle Wars, Hardwood grove) - Maple logs (Seers, Woodcutting Guild) - Mahogany logs (Farming Guild, Hardwood grove) - Yew logs (Varrock, Edgeville, Rimmington, Catherby, Seers, Woodcutting Guild) - Magic logs (Seers, Hosidius, Woodcutting Guild) - Redwood logs (Woodcutting Guild) Task Queueing & Presets Queue up a series of tasks to be completed depending on the accounts level, the script will intelligently switch to the best available recipe, check for any items to sell or mule & restock with any items needed for the next task. Dont want to input all the tasks manually? make use of the many available presets to quickly select a leveling method from 1-99 Axe auto upgrade To ensure maximum EXP gains the script will auto upgrade its axe to the best available that is in your bank or will purchase it from the grand exchange. Birds Nest Collection The script will automatically detect & pickup birds nests if selected within the GUI for maximum profit Progressive Mode Progessive mode will take an account from 1 to 99 Woodcutting based on the task setup within the GUI. The script will handle all traveling to locations and purchasing of items. All recipies are fully modular so select the steps you wish to complete and the bot will do the rest! - Automated Muling When used with CloakdMule any profits made can be offloaded onto an external mule account at a set interval or upon hitting a gold goal - Gold & Item Retrieval - Gold & Item Offload - Customizable from GUI - GE Restocking Automatically restock any needed supplies such as teleports or axe upgrades . Will also sell any items specified within the GUI - Realtime Price Updates - Customizable purchasing options set in GUI - Multiple Retries - Real Player Detection & Hopping Intelligently hop from REAL players, not just anyone MultiBrain Technology Cloakd Scripts utilize its unique Multi-Brain technology to provide the most fluid and efficient actions - DreamBot 3 Ready This script has been built from the ground up along side the beta to support all of DreamBot 3's new capabilities. This includes Antipattern unqiue to DreamBot 3 along with Resizeable support and much more! - Turing Complete By utilizing logic validation and MultiBrain technology, the script will never stop or idle Antiban/AntiPattern Script emulates human like breaks, idles and reaction times Randomized positioning Randomized pathing Human Like Idling & Afk Randomized collection & banking Zoom/Camera Support Resizable Mode Real-Time Pattern Heuristics Advanced Fatigue System modelled from Human data - Over 30 datapoints of variatio Requirements Required: Enough gold to purchase supplies Intuative GUI & Options CLI Options Progress Reports Script Trials Auto Trials Available on the SDN! https://sdn.dreambot.org/scripts?author=219663 Bug Reports Provide as much info on the bug as possible Provide a print screen of the client + the debug console Release Notes
    5. Current features: Worldhop if there are no more trees Progressive(Will upgrade to next tree once it reaches the level required.) Equipment system(Switch out axes if reached required level) Antiban Randomization Possible future features: More areas. Mark your own area Firemaking Tree queue system Setup: Start anywhere Can start at draynor if 30+ WC. Bugs: Willows Progs: NOW ON SDN: https://dreambot.org/sdn/script.php?add=true&script=661 (old) source: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/10614-ggcutter-a-wip-to-learn-from/
    6. *NOTE THIS SCRIPT IT NOT FOR MONEY MAKING INSTEAD ITS FOR LEVELING UP AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE* This progressive cutter is strictly for power leveling thus it drops all logs to save as much time. Recommend that you bank all items except for your bronze axe. I also recommend that you run this script directly after tutorial island if you want to use this script to get a high woodcutting level for some reason. This is a small script that ive done to improve my knowledge on Node based Scripts, and to try and wrap my head around how progressive scripts work. Features: Progressive Shift Drop Support Random path to destinations Anti-Ban Script Phases: LVL 1 - 15 - Trees LVL 15 - 30 - Oak LVL 30 - 99 - Willow LVL 60 -99 - Yew *REMOVED* Requirements: Bronze Axe I've currently run this script on a test account and has not been banned I've ran it about 2 hours yesterday with no break and 1 hour and 30 minutes today with a break after 1hour, its at lvl 37 so far. Paint Changelog Known bugs
    7. Feed

      Yew Chopper

      My first bot script. Its focusing to be active at Edgeville bank, and the yew trees beside it. You need an axe on you or in the inventory to start the script. And 60 wc. It have random delays"timers" inside the script to make it more human like. Like an afk player that chopping wood. Makes 50-100k gp/h + woodcutting xp It auto banks! IT will not put in the bank code for you, its up to you to open up the bank first, this is an free script for every one to use
    8. This Is My 1st Script! It's A Simple But Efficient Woodcutting Script That Chops Trees At Varrock West. I've Moved Over From OSBot To DreamBot So You Can Expect Me To Port Over Some Amazing Scripts For You Guys! 1. Start Script Near Varrock West Bank 2. $ Profit $ ► I Would Highly Recommend Enabling Breaks ◄ ● Ultra Sexy Paint/Rainbow Mouse ● Log/GP Per Hour ● Human-Like Mouse/Camera Movement ● Random Conditional Sleeps Implemented ● Automatically Banks ► 1.0 - Initial Release - 18/01/2019 https://mega.nz/#!Km5jCQBb!C078cwbLgOpil2FAghQ0UbzCTxflWvUbIxrDGrV2MWM
    9. Hi there, I am CosmicOverride and fairly new to the Runescape botting community, I just started scripting today and made this woodcutting script. I am looking for any advice, suggestions from the community but also using this as an opportunity to share the script to you guys. Feel free to use, and modify at your own risk. I tried implementing some Anti-Ban stuff but as I said I just started scripting today. import org.dreambot.api.input.Mouse; import org.dreambot.api.methods.Calculations; import org.dreambot.api.methods.container.impl.bank.BankLocation; import org.dreambot.api.methods.map.Area; import org.dreambot.api.script.AbstractScript; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.wrappers.interactive.GameObject; @ScriptManifest(category = Category.WOODCUTTING, name = "Cosmic's Woodcutter", author = "Cosmic", version = 3.1) public class main extends AbstractScript{ int[] worlds = {301, 326, 393}; public static final String TREE = "Tree"; public static final String AXE = " axe"; Area cutArea = new Area(3280,3442, 3274, 3457); @Override public void onStart() { log("Welcome to Cosmic's Wootcutter"); } @Override public int onLoop() { if(!getLocalPlayer().isAnimating()) { if(getInventory().isFull()) { if(getBank().isOpen()) { getBank().depositAllExcept(item -> item != null && item.getName().contains(AXE)); sleep(Calculations.random(10000, 60000)); }else { getBank().open(BankLocation.VARROCK_EAST); } }else if(cutArea.contains(getLocalPlayer())){ GameObject tree = getGameObjects().closest(TREE); if(tree != null) { tree.interact("Chop Down"); int ran = Calculations.random(0,10); if (ran == 0) { getSkills().open(); }else if(ran == 1) { getWorldHopper().openWorldHopper(); sleep(Calculations.random(1000,5000)); int ranr = Calculations.random(0,25); if(ranr == 22) { getWorldHopper().hopWorld(worlds[Calculations.random(0,2)]); }else { getWorldHopper().closeWorldHopper(); } } sleep(Calculations.random(1500,2000)); } }else { getWalking().walk(cutArea.getRandomTile()); } } return Calculations.random(1000, 5000); } @Override public void onExit() { super.onExit(); } }
    10. roflme


      Super basic woodcutter. Currently only cuts Oaks (or trees to level up), but I hope to turn this into an AIO. Uses the deposit box at the port sarim docks. I have so far tested these spots, each for a few hours, with no issues: But if there are other oak spots to the west they should theoretically work too. Requirements: Script MUST be started at the area you wish to cut trees! Axe MUST be in first inv slot or equipped Current Features: Can (theoretically) start anywhere around Port Sarim Will cut trees if below 15 woodcutting Future Features?: More failsafes - I had no issues but would still suggest checking in. I have not personally witnessed it ever get stuck Power chopping - Just to have as an option, I'd prefer cut+burn, could also implement both Progressive axes - sell logs and buy new axe AIO - cut any tree, any location GUI - to look nicer + will make AIO easier What would YOU like to see? I will definitely be working on this more once I stock up on accounts lol. Will upload to SDN if I can. Otherwise: .jar download (put in DreamBot script folder) VirusTotal Source
    11. Diddy

      GE Yews

      GE YEWS This is a simple script which chops the yews at the Grand Exchange and banks them. Just start the script near the yews and it will start. Including bird nest support and banking. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- OUT ON THE SDN! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This script is now open source http://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/4680-geyews-open-source ______________________________________________________________ Here's a proggy: __________________________________________________________________ Pls let me know if you have problems with the script or if you have suggestions. And if you ain't lvl60 WC yet, go try out my PowerChop script. *New Features: Hops worlds when there are no yews anymore Few silly afk stuff
    12. Pengu

      Lvl 60 wc acc

      Hi, im selling a account with level 60 woodcutting. It has 7qp and a rune axe Can provide more if interested
    13. Buying all WC skillers over level 75. Please PM me or add me on Skype to work out prices. Thanks!
    14. So I was woodcutting at Willows in Draynor and had the loot setting on "Power Chop." About an hour later when I checked the bot I noticed some guy giving me shit about botting and that he had reported me. I asked him on what grounds and he replied with, "You're dropping your logs... Only bots do that." Is this a common giveaway for bots? I obviously wasn't under this impression until he told me, and apparently it was enough to raise suspicion for him to report me for botting. Not only that, he also told everyone around him at the spot to report me as well So... Is this something I should avoid? Or was this guy just being a jabroni? Even if it isn't true it still begs the question if power-chopping is even a good idea for bots, since any reason for someone to report you is a bad one and should be avoided as much as possible. I'm willing to lose some time off my proggies if it means keeping Jamflex warriors off my tail... Thanks. EDIT: Grammar DOUBLE EDIT: The title should be, "Does Power-Chopping=Higher Chance For Ban?"
    15. Looking to buy a woodcutting level 75 account botted or not botted or level 60 woodcutting accounts Post offers Paying with 07 gp
    16. Stats of the account Account status (bans, mutes) Login screen Quests (completed) : No Quest Completed. Account wealth (non-tradeable or tradeable) Minimum bid (price to start bids) : 1.5m Each account. Autowin : 3m Each account. Payment method Oldschool Runescape Gold Trading conditions (middleman) You go first or we use middleman from Dreambot Previous owners (if any) i am the only owner. If you buy all 5 accounts i can go down in price to 1.2m per account!
    17. Hello. I am a new member of this community and recently started botting. I redeemed a bond and bought a dragon "hatchet" today, I started receiving a message saying "You do not have an axe which you have the woodcutting level to use". I got paranoid and quickly moved my bank to a mule and stopped my bot. Is Jagex onto my account? To avoid this happening again, and to ensure I don't get a paranoia attack like that again, where should I bot yews? I'm not worried so much about the most profit, but to secure that my bot has the most optimal chance of NOT getting banned. TL;DR: Where do I bot yews to avoid getting banned? "You do not have an axe which you have the woodcutting level to use": what does that mean?
    18. Hey guys, I found a relatively empty place to cut magic logs. North of the Dual Arena is a bank and north of that is a place called Mage Training Arena. There are two magic trees, one on each side of the Arena, and because of the proximity of the bank, I feel like a simple bot would be great. Can someone please create a script to cut these magic trees and then bank the logs? Thank you so much.
    19. Looking to sell this woodcutting account I've had for a little while. stats: Account Status: Quests: Only has 10QP or so. Just basic f2p quests Login Screen: typical f2p log in screen ever since members ran out Account has a dragon axe and ~100 magic logs in the bank. And yes that is the beaver pet that is highlighted! There is no email attached to the account also. Only really looking to sell to trusted members, in which case i have no problem going first. Only accepting 2007 GP, starting bid is 1.5m
    20. Stats - Mining - 50, Woodcutting - 65, Crafting - 40, Fishing - 20. | Status (bans and mutes) - Clean. | Login Screen - (screenshots ----->) | Quests - Cook's Assistant, Sheep Shearer, Romeo & Juliet. | Wealth of the account - Rune Pickaxe, Rune axe, and 25kgp. | Price: - 1.5m Autowin - 5m Old School Runescape Gold. Trading conditions, If you're trusted, you may go first, If not I would like to go first. I'm the owner.
    21. Diddy


      ~~~PowerChop~~~ http://pastebin.com/WZEp2kvD http://www.mediafire.com/download/d4qbcfdfmmayr9w/PowerChop.jar So I just made my first script. ^Progy^ Just start the script near some willows. it's not "antiban proof" so pls use it at own risk, although I got 69wc with it without a ban ;p I'm very new to this and I actually made it by copying alot of other content from other scripts, but I learned alot from that. So a big thanks to the forum community! http://pastebin.com/WZEp2kvD http://www.mediafire.com/download/d4qbcfdfmmayr9w/PowerChop.jar Made this script to learn the basics of java and because the willows at draynor can be crowded. I prefer chopping at the crafting guild.
    22. ​Stats - 70 Wc Account status - Nothing on the ban meter. Clean and legit. Quests - None Account wealth - Rune axe Minimum bid - 2m Autowin - 3m Payment - OSRS Gold Trading - You go first unless you want a middle man then I will choose Previous owners - None -Very close to level 75 and can cut magic logs and will make tons of profit. -All pictures can be seen below at photobucket: http://s1070.photobucket.com/user/xxmillzxx/media/mrwc102_zpsmngnoj8x.jpg.html?o=1​
    23. I was hoping someone could create a script that walks to lvl 40 of the wild and cuts down the charcoal trees then walks back to lvl 20 of wild and tps or just walks to varrock, banks, and repeats. This is a good source of money since in most of the free worlds no one is in lvl 40 of wild and charcoal goes for 500+.
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