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    1. v 1.7: Added GUI to handle some user options, more options will come soon.
    2. Like pandemic said, there are other people that have no bans with it, I've been running a script for almost 4 days now with 5 - 30 min breaks, I'm halfway done skilling Woodcutting, fishing, cooking and firemaking with each of those being around lvl 50 - 60.
    3. Am i doing something wrong? Paint class https://imgur.com/20zeAnP Main class https://imgur.com/MGVlkRD
    4. Been struggling with this for a while now I've tried quite a lot of things and at this point idk if its even possible. I've tried using my prior python knowledge but nothing helps. I have a variable in a my main class and I want to access and use it in my paint class, but it does not seem to work. I've tried: main core; main core = new main(); main.yes; File structure: main import API.paint; import org.dreambot.api.script.Category; import org.dreambot.api.script.ScriptManifest; import org.dreambot.api.script.impl.TaskScript; import javax.swing.*; import java.awt.*; @ScriptManifest(name="TESTSSS", author="Et", version=1.1, category = Category.AGILITY) public class main extends TaskScript { // thing i want to use in my child java files vvvvvvvv public boolean yes; @Override public void onStart(){ addNodes(new paint()); SwingUtilities.invokeLater(() -> createGUI()); log("Staet"); } private void createGUI(){ JFrame frame = new JFrame(); frame.setTitle("test"); frame.setDefaultCloseOperation(JFrame.DISPOSE_ON_CLOSE); frame.setLocationRelativeTo(getClient().getInstance().getCanvas()); frame.setPreferredSize((new Dimension(250, 120))); frame.getContentPane().setLayout(new BorderLayout()); JPanel buttonPanel = new JPanel(); buttonPanel.setLayout((new FlowLayout())); JButton button = new JButton(); button.setText("Start Script"); button.addActionListener(l -> { yes = true; frame.dispose(); }); buttonPanel.add(button); frame.getContentPane().add(buttonPanel, BorderLayout.SOUTH); frame.pack(); frame.setVisible(true); } } paint package API; import org.dreambot.api.script.TaskNode; public class paint extends TaskNode { @Override public int priority() { return 1; } @Override public boolean accept() { if(){ // if the yes variable in main is true continue but i cant use the variable from main return true; }else{ return false; } } @Override public int execute() { return 300; } }
    5. V 1.5: Made bot drop previous phases logs instead of leaving them in the inventory when you change to another tree.
    6. Hello there, I've updated the script but it does not seem to be updating on the SDN for some reason, I've attached the actual updated jar file for the script in the main thread post, it should have shift drop support.
    7. Added shift drop support, although you will have to manually enable shift drop, as currently i have no idea how to change game settings from the script.
    8. *DISCLAIMER: STRICTLY FOR POWERLEVELING, WILL DROP ALL FISH AND CONTINUE TO FISH FOR THE MOST AMOUNT OF F2P XP POSSIBLE* Since F2P doesn't really have a wide variety of fishing that you can do right off the bat, this script will just power level anchovies/shrimps. Requirements: Fishing Net Script: nekrossFisher.jar Previous run time: Known Bugs:
    9. Alright thx for letting me know ive made it just cut willow until 99 and removed the yew.
    10. *NOTE THIS SCRIPT IT NOT FOR MONEY MAKING INSTEAD ITS FOR LEVELING UP AS QUICK AS POSSIBLE* This progressive cutter is strictly for power leveling thus it drops all logs to save as much time. Recommend that you bank all items except for your bronze axe. I also recommend that you run this script directly after tutorial island if you want to use this script to get a high woodcutting level for some reason. This is a small script that ive done to improve my knowledge on Node based Scripts, and to try and wrap my head around how progressive scripts work. Features: Progressive Shift Drop Support Random path to destinations Anti-Ban Script Phases: LVL 1 - 15 - Trees LVL 15 - 30 - Oak LVL 30 - 99 - Willow LVL 60 -99 - Yew *REMOVED* Requirements: Bronze Axe I've currently run this script on a test account and has not been banned I've ran it about 2 hours yesterday with no break and 1 hour and 30 minutes today with a break after 1hour, its at lvl 37 so far. Paint Changelog Known bugs
    11. Account Name: Walkghost729 Account State: https://imgur.com/Rq3mjm2 Account Stats: https://imgur.com/Da0CSRy Login Screen: https://imgur.com/XNw4GV6 Quests Points: https://imgur.com/YNk7XII Account Wealth: https://imgur.com/F5XCoLZ Minimum Bid: 2$ Auto win: 5$ Payment Method: Gold | PayPal | Ethereum | Bitcoin | OSRS GP Trading Conditions: Middleman Accepted - You pay Previous Owners: None Side Note: Offering a bond with it, to change name or for member ship, 3$ extra.
    12. Lamba Jug Filler Im pretty new to scripting was looking for Jug filling scripts to use to make some starting money, but all of them where paid scripts so i decided to make a free one. I ran this on a account for 8hours (5 min brakes every 30min ) and did not get banned. Im pretty crap at java so there is little anti ban, all anti ban i have is a sleep function between clicks/actions. If you think i could have done something better, comment it please. Fetures: - Fills Jugs for profit. - Paint ( kinda ugly but it is what it is. ) - Good money making method for new accounts. - 1680 jugs an hour ( depends on if you have run on or off ) - 20k - 40k an hour / 480k - 1mil a day Requirements: - Jugs in your bank. - Access to GE to sell them when done. Instructions: - Start at the Varrock bank closest to the training building . ( Adding the feature where it automatically goes to starting location as im making the post ) - Start the script with nothing in your inv. [ SOURCE ] Compiled Version: https://anonfiles.com/p3M6ubpfp2/JugFiller_jar To - Do: - Make it sell jugs automatically at GE - If you don't have jugs will buy at GE - Different locations - Automatically go to spawn area. Leave a comment on things i could have done better. And if there is a free and effective anti ban source somewhere you can also link it.
    13. How would you declare what the item is using the Item class.( sorry for the question, new to java but got 2years of python to help me understand just a little )
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