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    1. You can get some great used server hardware on eBay. Look for systems with high core count and lean to towards those with higher clock speeds. Use CPU Benchmark to look for single core performance scores, the higher the better - or if on a budget look at price to performance. Server mobo, sever cpu and a tonne of ram 64gb+ and you're good to go. I'd start by looking at the Xeon E5 range...
    2. It's working for me now, thanks!
    3. @Pandemicroofs option is broken in osrs. I have the disable roofs option toggled in DB and roofs are turned off in OSRS but they actually on. I can fix it by mnaully unchecking and checking the option in osrs. Anything that can be done client side?
    4. * an error on my end. This script is excellent and I'd recommend it to anyone who hates running through tut! Great randomisation and incredibly stable.
    5. For such a significant drop in such a short period of time, it is very likely to be a major game exploit. The average number of players online hasn't fluctuated particularly, so it's not likely to be the player count that's the issue.
    6. Sold to the wonderful Thanks for you interest everyone - Might have more in the future.
    7. Just checked 30 at random - no bans or locks.
    8. Selling a list of 1000 tutorial accounts. Price is 30k per acc - so 30m for the whole list. I have not been able to go through the entire list, so locked/banned accounts are possible. Due to the very low price per acc, refunds will not be issued for locked/banned accounts. All accounts were made with zTutorial plus, using premium residential proxies. I am looking to sell the whole list, not individual accounts. Thanks.
    9. lol. You're clearly not familiar with servers. I'm easily running 10 clients on a vps I pay $14.99/month for. It's from a reputable company with fantastic support fyi. But heyyy, what do I know....
    10. He's breaking the law and putting hours of effort into something that returns very little. He could have a single vps running 10 clients, that he can connect to with a single click...He seems pretty dumb to me.
    11. This guy is so dumb. For less than $15/month he could get a server to run 10 bots.
    12. Yes, 66 mage go for roughly 3m each. If you get hp and def on them you can push the price up to 4-5m each.
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