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  1. Expanding the food to include Wine would be pretty helpful. Helps with margins. Have used this script every day without ban. Cheers
  2. added you on discord ace #0737
  3. Okay clearly i don't know what i'm doing in the above post lmao. Here's the screenshot:
  4. [img=https://i.imgur.com/pBJTAyC.png] Don't want my earlier post to discourage anybody from buying. Script is great and have had 8 obby cape drops today in ~10 hours. This is only half the day right here. Don't expect this RNG but it does happen just like OP mentions.
  5. Script is really well done tbh. Smooth, anti ban seems solid enough. Only thing i'd say is it isn't really practical to blowpipe these. The drops are pretty few and far between. Over 20 hours I've gotten 1 cape and 2 mauls. So roughly 50k/hr
  6. could i please get a trial? upvoting now
  7. acemad


    looks like exactly what i need i upvoted could i please have a 24h?
  8. unfortunately it doesnt work. i just want a refund at this point
  9. bought the script and it only clicks the first thing in canifis and then stops. please fix or refund
  10. acemad

    RS update

    Lmfao. Yeah bro don't count on it. I've seen the same person make this kind of post multiple times and hasn't pieced it together that osrs updates = corrections from the dev team.
  11. Probably going to buy this since it has amazing reviews. Can you explain how the anti ban works? It would be a shame to be banned for alching or stun alching.