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    It was weird - the script was taking me to each of the designated NPC's but it would just stand there when it arrived. No failed clicks or anything. Just no action whatsoever. I'd manually click on the NPC and it would continue through the dialogue and then onto the next segment of the quest. Didn't have that issue with any other quest today.
  2. acemad


    Any reason why Grand Tree is having a hard time talking to people? rooftops are off
  3. @Nuclear NezzWhoooaaaa. I'm going to need an actual quote of when I said Nex referred me to Viisions service, because that's definitely not what I said. What I DID say was that Nex had vouched for Viision. Not to me personally, but on Viision's profile (which I viewed before I bought service - hence why I trusted). The reason I reached out to Nex regarding how to take action is because I had bought his scripts and he offered customer support and was highly trusted on this site. I've made that VERY clear from the beginning. And we have Discord conversation dating back to December...just so nobody is under the impression that I DM'd him out of nowhere asking how to get Viision banned. ------ "The date is important because we'd know it was immediately after you logged on the account, rather than (for example) logging on, realizing the service wasn't done, taking items off your account, then taking a screenshot saying "See everything is gone" a day later." You could have easily taken a screenshot AFTER cleaning the account within the same day. That's my whole point, that wouldn't prove anything. "The issue with that is 1. you didn't *let* him finish the service, and 2. you broke his ToS that impacted his ability to *do* that service." Didn't let him finish my service because he took 90 mil off my account. Why would I let him continue to do anything on my account after that? That in itself should be viewed in my favor. If I had taken my own items off of my own account I'd have still tried to get my service fulfilled. "An hour later you come by, take your car, drive it, then complain because you crashed, because your breaks weren't fixed. Then you say they're terrible mechanics because the breaks weren't fixed." It's more like coming by and realizing my car has been stolen or vandalized. Not terrible mechanics, but terrible people. You're again assuming he isn't lying. "It doesn't make sense to me as to why he would clean your account, and THEN go to the mine to start the service? If somebody else had logged into the account, why would they walk it back to the mine?" If you had read our entire Discord chat I actually mention that to Viision because I thought it was odd. I said something along the lines of "Hmm yeah this is pretty weird. Somebody who would want to steal my items likely wouldn't get me any levels at all". My most educated guess is that he did it to 1) Prove progress on the account 2) Strategically set himself up to look innocent. But yes, I agree that whole thing was odd. ------ Never got a response for this either "**IF** I was planning on pulling off a scam why wouldn't I have let him just complete the service first? That way I could have gotten service and then blamed him after the fact for taking my items. " I'm willing to drop this dispute if @Viision agrees to pay me my 30mil (- the mining xp rate that he took to go from 54-56 mining) . That way everyone can be done with this headache and I can be reimbursed at least for the service he barely even did shit for. I'll still be out of 90mil but never expected to get that back, only justice. But it's looking increasingly likely that it won't happen.
  4. No - I don't have any screenshots that include the date. The reason I didn't take any screenshots is because like I've said in my original post placeholders aren't actual proof of anything. I already knew that. It had nothing to do with being curious of my mining level it was me just wanting to play the game. He hadn't started the long list of quests yet, so I didn't think it mattered at all considering he told me I was behind 2 other people. All he was doing was afk mining in the Fally mine. He hadn't done or started anything else on the account. You claiming that I was the ONLY unauthorized person on the account is just false. We have no idea who was involved in taking everything off my account. And we may never know. But yeah I did log in on my account I never denied that in the first place. It's shady when his thread very clearly states his rates on it. -------------------- Lastly, I don't think anybody is factoring in my motive in all of this. Why would I risk 90mil in a transaction as a low post/low rep guy to pull off a scam of someone providing services on this site? Makes no sense to me at all considering I have nobody to back me up. **IF** I was planning on pulling off a scam why wouldn't I have let him just complete the service first? That way I could have gotten service and then blamed him after the fact for taking my items. I've been on record numerous times saying I don't even expect reimbursement for stolen items because I know it's all circumstantial. I can't even imagine how I could prove this with 100% certainty. Screenshots with a date wouldn't prove anything. I'd have to record my PC screen at all times and even then I'm sure there are workarounds to prevent that from being 100% certain.
  5. "If he were to not log onto the account and let me figure out how the 90m possible got taken away, I would have been Obligated to pay that back IMO, As he was never on the account." Idk how I would have known it was gone if I never logged on. And yes I admit to logging on while it was technically in service, but at the same time he was "AFK" mining and had people in line in front of me. I didn't even consider this to be a real violation. "After checking my Teamviewer Connection Logs & Talking to the person who he had claimed refereed him "Nex" He had told me he never had a conversation with anyone named "Ace" Besides someone trying to figure out how to get me banned." I have conversations with Nex that date back to early December - I didn't just DM him out of the blue asking how to get you banned. I've used his scripts and he's offered me good customer support - so I trusted his vouch. There's nothing more to it than that. ----------- As for everything else there isn't much I can say without getting into "he said she said" so I'll just wait to see what the Mods have to say.
  6. Wanted to add clarification to "There was roughly 25 mil on the account before I granted access." This was referring to the gp I had on my account in addition to the items. It was originally 55mil cash stack, but I paid him 30 for the service.
  7. I decided to do videos as opposed to screenshots because I want to show that I'm not twisting any narrative. You'll get the entire discord chat that I've had with Viision as well as my account in it's current state. Viision Discord Chat: Account Aftermath: Few notes: - He did get me 2 mining levels, from 54-56. That's all he did on my account regarding the service. He did none of the mentioned quests in the original post - but you'll notice Temple of Ikov, Hero's Quest and Watchtower were all completed on the account. I did these quests myself the past 2 days. - You'll also notice some wealth on the account which is around ~20 million. This was gp I amassed myself. There was roughly 25 mil on the account before I granted access. The fury, berserker ring and granite hammer are all items he took but I repurchased. As you'll notice there are tons of empty item slots that are valuable and my bank worth was worth upwards of 100mil - and after I logged onto my account it was ~6 mil. - Lastly, my account username is cropped out for obvious reasons. But if I need to provide a private video to mods of me logging into the account in which I provided credentials do I can do that. Please let me know if there's anything else I can provide.
  8. acemad


    Script is phenomenal. Any plan to release more quests? Would gladly pay more for expanded list.
  9. *THIS DISPUTE IS WITH @Viision* I'll try not to make this into a novel but I'll provide all the details that I feel are necessary. Let me first start off by saying I don't have any evidence that will 100% say he did it - all of my evidence is circumstantial. I have Discord chats with Viision, 1 of his workers (are you even allowed to let workers onto a customer's account?) and somebody he knows that has spoken about how he's been shady that I can provide if needed. All i have to "prove" the items are missing off my account is the empty item slots in my bank from valuables, although I know that isn't proof at all. I contacted Viision a couple weeks ago for his Barrows Gloves service. He was unable to fulfill at the time because of a snow storm - so I went to somebody else. 3/4 of the way through the service from the other guy, he got caught up in work and couldn't finish. He reimbursed me for the quests he hadn't done and even included a bonus 5 mil for the inconvenience to me. Not 1 item was taken off of my account (and it was 90m+). Since he couldn't finish I went to Viision to finish the service for me. He had some pretty solid vouches so I didn't even think twice about it. He quoted me way past his original post price because he knew the guy I was working with had a higher rate than him and said "wow that makes me feel like a slave". When I ignored that quote he brought the price back down. Shady act #1. We eventually agreed on 30mil for the completion of: Shilo Village, One Small Favour, Watchtower ,Spirits Of Elid, Client Of Kourend, Temple Of Ikov, Underground Pass ,Hero's Quest, Desert Treasure , Lunar Diplomacy, RFD Sir Amik, RFD Awowogei, RFD Culimancer, 54-58 Mining The payment happened in w308 with "Jake Sullie" at Edgeville bank on 2/16/19 at 8:45pm EST. For whatever all of that info is worth. I don't have any proof of the trade, however Viision claims to have recorded it. I only know all of this info because of our Discord chat. After payment I logged off and he claimed I was 3rd in line behind 2 others but that he would "afk" mine for me in the mean time. No clue what AFK mining means but to me the only true AFK mining would mean botting...but that's somewhat irrelevant. 2 days go by and nothing was done on my account. I log in on Sunday to check progress and he was still at the Fally mine. I immediately DM him asking why all my shit is gone. No response until the following day after I post on his thread saying what he did. I'll be honest - I was little surprised that he didn't block me on Discord this entire time. But that was likely to avoid looking suspicious in this entire ordeal. He goes on to tell me that he didn't steal anything and that he potentially had my login info leaked via Teamviewer. He needed a couple days to review this...for God knows why, but I granted it to him anyways. Today he claims that I'm trying to reverse scam him of 90mil - which is invalid considering I've already said multiple times that I'm not even expecting reimbursement. Except for maybe my service fee of 30mil because he didn't do anything on my account besides the 2 mining levels - he didn't really earn that 30mil. That's maybe 500k-1mil tops. At the end of the day it's partially my fault for being so trusting and leaving that much on my account. My non chalant demeanor really screwed me over - but I assure you I wouldn't go this out of the way for some elaborate scam considering I'm an adult with my own real world commitments. However, I definitely want to go out of my way to make sure people don't have to waste their time and money with his service. Anyways, I'm willing to provide whatever screenshots you guys might want to help settle this dispute. You can also reach out to me on Discord (Ace#0737) if you're willing to go that far.
  10. UPDATE: **DO NOT BUY THIS SERVICE HE WILL POTENTIALLY SCAM YOU** After speaking with Viision in Discord today he claims that he didn't do it and that i'n the one trying to reverse scam him of 90 mil. He was the only 1 outside of myself that knew the login info and he even tried using a BS Teamviewer excuse as a possible explanation for leaked info. It was a 30mil order with a list of quests as well as a few mining levels - if you include that on top of my bank it was a total of 120 MIL taken off my account. I can't provide any proof that he ever took the items/gold. All i have are empty item slots in my bank account from valuables that were taken. There's no reason I would lie about this - as I originally said I never expected to be compensated for the stolen items. I'm simply looking out for anyone who is willing to trust their accounts/items to somebody who 100% took my shit. Reach out to me on Discord Ace#0737 for any questions.
  11. UPDATE: To Mods - Viision is currently working with me towards a resolution in which he said he will know the exact details by tomorrow 2/19/19. To Customers - Until this is resolved please disregard my above post. My items are still missing but we will know the full story soon. Thanks
  12. **WARNING** This guy cleaned 90mil off of my account and offered me a whopping 2 mining levels after I ordered: Shilo Village One Small Favour Watchtower Spirits Of Elid Client Of Kourend Temple Of Ikov Underground Pass Hero's Quest Desert Treasure Lunar Diplomacy RFD Sir Amik RFD Awowogei RFD Culimancer 54-58 Mining ---- I don't have any proof that will clearly say he did it because I'm an idiot and was way too trusting. All I can offer are screenshots of my cleaned bank account with item slots that are vacated. I have no reason to lie nor do I expect any kind of compensation. Either 1) Don't buy his service or 2) Don't leave any kind of valuables on your account (that should be obvious but me being the nice guy I am was way too trusting)
  13. Any accounts with lvl 50+ range?
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