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  1. 0,48$ per mill Discord > Ahmet#5559
  2. This account https://imgur.com/a/tZzLAJP From 45 Attack to 50 36 Strength to 90 31 Ranged to 80 (Cannoned i pay everything) 25 Magic to 94 (splashing/alching i pay supply) Desert Treasure Horror from the deep animal magnetism Quest for god capes (forgot the quest name) Has to stay low pray ( under 15 ) Send me your price > Discord > Ahmet#5559
  3. Need a logo for instagram + facebook profile photo (same photo has to fit well) Also a banner for facebook page. Discord > Ahmet#5559
  4. I don't really care about this but, i see that he keeps changing his discord name so watch out. So there is a guy that trained 3 accounts for me (1-40 Attack 1-90 Strength + mithril gloves from scratch on all three) (300M payment when complete) A week later i asked for Desert treasure from scratch on all three accounts aswell. (+160M payment when complete) (He also received 40M for supplies in total) He completed it all and received a payment of 500M from me. 1 Week later he recovered all three accounts. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/83rOawp
  5. Ahmet82

    Ahmet's Proxy Shop

    Bump 10% discount this week.
  6. Bump looking for more questers.
  7. If you are looking for work add me on discord > Ahmet#5559
  8. I am interested in 1000 Tuts > Ahmet#5559
  9. Ahmet82

    Ahmet's Proxy Shop

  10. I am buying the following accounts: Buying any amount! 7 Quest points accounts 30/30/30 Melee 40/40/40 Melee 1/60/1 Melee 60 Ranged Pure Discord > Ahmet#5559
  11. Hit me up on discord > Ahmet#5559
  12. Ahmet82

    Ahmet's Proxy Shop

  13. Ahmet82

    Ahmet's Proxy Shop

  14. Ahmet82

    Ahmet's Proxy Shop

    Added, i do not know which one you are can you send me a message in discord?
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