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  1. Thanks bro, Yeah i go for it, LOL no illegal shit involved dw
  2. So boys, Imagine you are 21 years old (again) and you have business plan that can potentially make you financial free within 2 years if it goes well, You kind of believe in it (not 100%) that it will work and if you don't give it a shot you will regret it the rest of your life. You also will/want to marry at 24 years old and you need a good amount of money saved at that age because the country you live getting a big loan from the bank for a house is impossible without a good saving. House you are going to purchase when marrying ~~300K. If you go for the business plan and it won't work out, You are basically cleaned at the age of 22 (no debt) since you will invest everything you have to make it work. Which means you have to work your ass off the coming two years like seriously no life the coming two years to still achieve the dream you always had (Marry at 24, Retire at 29) and have a good life with your wife & kids. You are probably thinking give it a shot, age 21 is young (nothing to lose) (no rent/wife etc) Working your ass off for two years is worth the risk, BUT Your childhood; This mind sound weird at this age but; There was a girl that you basically grew up with (classmates almost every year) had great times together much fun but you were shy and didn't have the balls to tell her that you really loved her Until the last year of elementary school (12 years old) you had to tell her that you want her NOW because you might never see her again after this year... You told her that you were in love with her and she didn't want you... Completely heartbroken cuz you had the feeling of that she really loved you too, the rest of that year you didn't talk to anyone at school also didn't go outside anymore you were really broken inside. She didn't give any reason for that "no" [It still lowkey hurts when you think about those times :D] - Since then you had a dream of becoming "rich" the earlier the better (Retire age maximum 29) and have a great life with your future wife and kids back then i was thinking of this becouse i wanted to give the girl that broke me inside that feeling of what she has lost.. (me) At 14-15 years old you realised school will never make you "financial free" (having a passive income with almost no effort that is enough to have the life you want) Because the people that were teaching you (teachers) will never achieve because they were trading their time for money, Quitting school is not a option you know how that goes in families you need that damn degree no matter what. at 15 years old you took a step away from every friend you know because you realised; if you be like them you will never achieve your dreams, you had a different mindset. You started to help your dad at his company every day after school (estimated around 16:00 till 20:00 always) And in the weekends 10;00 till 20;00, 7 days a week. Late 15, begin 16 years till 18 years old average montly salary received every month 400€ (300 at 16 years old and went up every year by 50 It was not much you knew that but you were helping your dad after school and you were happy with anything you received from him. -The things you wanted your dad purchased it at your birthdays like a new playstation or laptop etc. At the age of 19 started working "seriously" like a real employee monthly salary 2K€ skipped school alot, You didn't enjoy it but had saved up a shit ton of money for your age which will help you in the future you knew that. You saved up literally everything you received every month in those years you grew up, Also at 19 years old you met a girl that made you feel alive again... In a relationship now (still) but realised quick you were wasting lots of $ for restaurants etc so had to make a plan for a passive income, So you invested some money in your first car and started renting it out on car rental platforms, 450€ (profit) every month extra income came from there which was nice for you at that age. (still renting out the same car at the age of 21) Summary; You already worked your entire childhood like a dog ;D and kinda burnt out now, You really need some break from working, Also the last two years you almost never went to school only when there was a test. Still passed every year somehow with good grades. It's your final year now many exams coming and you have to focus on this too so you can make your parents "proud". Read the start again my question now to you; What would you do? Invest everything you saved up until now in the business plan or play it safe? I thought i drop this shit here, to hear some opinions, Thanks for your time
  3. Discord > Ahmet#5559
  4. Looking for two more workers who are willing to put in the hours and get paid after completion of each task. I am only searching people that are looking for long term work, Not someone that leaves after having some $$ If your interested hit me up on discord > Ahmet#5559
  5. Buying any amount up to 100X 55 magic pures, Discord me your price > Ahmet#5559
  6. Topic Discord > Ahmet#5559
  7. 0,48$ per mill Discord > Ahmet#5559
  8. This account https://imgur.com/a/tZzLAJP From 45 Attack to 50 36 Strength to 90 31 Ranged to 80 (Cannoned i pay everything) 25 Magic to 94 (splashing/alching i pay supply) Desert Treasure Horror from the deep animal magnetism Quest for god capes (forgot the quest name) Has to stay low pray ( under 15 ) Send me your price > Discord > Ahmet#5559
  9. Need a logo for instagram + facebook profile photo (same photo has to fit well) Also a banner for facebook page. Discord > Ahmet#5559
  10. I don't really care about this but, i see that he keeps changing his discord name so watch out. So there is a guy that trained 3 accounts for me (1-40 Attack 1-90 Strength + mithril gloves from scratch on all three) (300M payment when complete) A week later i asked for Desert treasure from scratch on all three accounts aswell. (+160M payment when complete) (He also received 40M for supplies in total) He completed it all and received a payment of 500M from me. 1 Week later he recovered all three accounts. Proof: https://imgur.com/a/83rOawp
  11. Ahmet82

    Ahmet's Proxy Shop

    Bump 10% discount this week.
  12. Bump looking for more questers.
  13. If you are looking for work add me on discord > Ahmet#5559
  14. I am interested in 1000 Tuts > Ahmet#5559
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