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  1. whops i thought it was more of script questions thread, can you please move this
  2. Okay let's say i was making a combat script in a multiway combat (lets say lava dragons for example), and i was competing with a of other players I would like to determine their DPS and then compute my own to decide if its worth fighting them for the monster or not. I've already devised a way to retrieve the players' combat level, equipment, and highscore as well Now that i have the equipment, i still need to determine their range/melee strengh; which i'm assuming i would have to manually input the bonuses for each item; but if theres a more efficient way to do this please lmk? But once i have all those factors, i would like to compute their DPS using their gear bonuses and range/combat stats? Anyone experienced with computing DPS? lmk im not finding many examples of this
  3. i see so basically the retrievel of data time is the lowest time ill get?
  4. Wondering if there's a quicker method to resolve this? I understand that getting information from a webpage may take a while but this poses me some problem if i was to filter out a list of players around me with magic levels of 85 or higher, it would take quite a while to retrieve the stats since each lookup would take a couple of seconds and this would be a problem if theres 5-20 people around me Please let me know if this it the limit and there's no way to speed it up
  5. Using this snippet, i am able to retrieve highscore of a particular player, but it takes A few seconds to process.
  6. Lets say for example i was in rev caves, is there a way to detect which player is attacking which revenant? seems complex but i feel like anythings dooable if anyone has experience with this please lmk
  7. added ill hit u up for advice soon
  8. whats ur discord ill add u up!
  9. i looked at this before since the posted date is 2018 i thought i'd post to see if there was something even newer haha but this skeleton is def clean and sexy, ill start using it know any advantages of this new tree/branch/leaf system
  10. for comparison purposes; how's this scripting style https://bitbucket.org/zylski424/aio-fighter/src/master/
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