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    1. kamilo

      Tracking a npc

      sure thing bro ill definetly test it out and let you know!
    2. Thanks for the input m8
    3. Lately i've seen a lot of software jobs (front ent back end fulls tack etc) that require python... i did a survey and like 70% said python was a requirement. I obviously know python but i dont think im proficient in it yet. I've done my botting code in Java but now im thinking maybe i should do it in python so i can get more proficiency with it thoughts? should i go through with it I am planing to go for those jobs and its a bonus if my botting code is written in python ill just get that much better
    4. kamilo

      Tracking a npc

      unless im missing something here, take callisto for example when im hunting it it keeps running a lot of places lol, it does have a fixed range but its roaming area is huge
    5. kamilo

      Tracking a npc

      its roaming area is big bro
    6. kamilo

      Tracking a npc

      Lets see i've plotted the attack range of a monster its huge, it cannot be covered within the player viewing range. How do i go about finding the npc? I have an Area (Rectangle), the monster could be anywhere within that area? Do i search each corner? looking for some bright creative ideas please!
    7. ah so it was just renamed then?
    8. what the hell happened to class implements advancedmessagelistener its not avalible anymore? whats the new one and please show me a sample so i understand how the new thing works
    9. kamilo

      Viewing range

      Can anyone tell me what the viewing range is for a character to detect NPCs? Lets see I wanna see if a NPC is visible or not, how far from the character does it have to be?
    10. this man is a genius, tysm bro repped !
    11. kamilo

      HeatMap Plugin

      how does this work
    12. does it mean i dont need MethodContext anymore, i just ues Equipment.open() or Bank.open() just like that, as long as i have the jar file in the library?
    13. how would i go about updating these https://imgur.com/0xGGSDm.png
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