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    1. Welcome back! Hope things continue to change for the better for you!
    2. OGCritical


      Nice to see all your warm welcomes! THX
    3. Hey man not sure if you have a discord or not.

      But I use your fightaholic script religiously. Is it possible to add "stop after time" or after "level?"


      1. holic


        Hey man, it will stop after a certain level if you specified a level target but stop after X minutes isn't available yet. I will be adding it in a release or two.

      2. OGCritical



        thanks for the speedy reply!

    4. OGCritical


      I'm here, who else?
    5. Yes they do, they are in very high demand IMO. I've seen handmade tut accounts being sold for 1-20 cents USD each.
    6. Plot to take it back from the robo-noobs!
    7. See you in a few hours/days when you get chain banned. LOL. If you have issues with the scripts you've purchased contact the scripter. EVERY SCRIPTER here responds usually within an hour.
    8. May be digging up dead stuff here. Just looking for someone to make a profile pic and signature. Pretty peeze
    9. @slooth still making free signatures? I would love one please!
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