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    1. I think this is better left to the scripters to do , since some scripts requires beeing on specific worlds , and if the client would hop by it self it could affect some scripts .
    2. Welcome back sir! Looking forward to more quality scripts! Thanks again!

      1. Hosfad


        Thank you . im glad to be back 🙂

    3. Hello , You will need to take the Scripter+ test which is a test in java and the dreambot API ,and you can only apply for this test after uploading a free script to the SDN for at least 2 weeks . if you pass the Scripter+ test then you can upload premium scripts
    4. Can confirm that it works with Inventory.dropAllExcept() now
    5. Hello there , yes you can open as much clients as your CPU can handle if you have VIP
    6. Hosfad


      Welcome , wish you best of luck
    7. Thank you boys , im glad you like it 🙂
    8. Zodiac Account Manager Features : - Bulk account import - Bulk proxy import - Bulk account launcher - Proxyfier - Script scheduling - Account management and monitoring
    9. The time period in which the pyramids were being built or something like that
    10. You should report this to the Script developer , im sure Zawy will fix if he is aware of the bug
    11. Congrats for first script, Welcome to Dreambot 🙂
    12. Thanks for the updates
    13. Hello there @PapaH You would want to check if the crab is not in combat in the npc predicate , i also noticed that you are using == for a String , That doesnt work in java , you need to use .equals for Strings in java . Your predicate should look something like NPC SandCrab = NPCs.closest(crab -> crab != null && crab.getName().equals("Sand Crab") && !crab.isInCombat() && attackSpot.contains(crab));
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