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    1. good job man making profit off of people's bad gambling habits congrats
    2. Hosfad

      Zodiac Woodcutter

      Yesterday the script was updated and this problem is now fixed thank you for reporting
    3. Hosfad

      Zodiac Woodcutter

      Thank you so much yes there was a problem with Windows machines where it would not start a thread to move the mouse yesterday we pushed a fix so this should not be a problem as to the image i probably deleted it from imgur ill reupload it asap
    4. also at the bridge that leads to wizards tower theres a chest there you have to build that chest to be able to use it but on accounts that dont have it built get closestbank location still returns it even though its not technically a bank
    5. Thank you so much for the help
    6. @Hashtag would love your opinion on this
    7. Hosfad

      Zodiac Woodcutter

      now supports birds nest
    8. Hosfad

      Zodiac MoneyMaker

      Thanks hope you enjoy it chechout our discord server for more free scripts https://discord.gg/jSkqky9vNH
    9. Hosfad

      Zodiac Woodcutter

      Patch already updated and waiting SDN approval
    10. Hosfad

      Zodiac MoneyMaker

      Smelts Steel bars to Cannon Balls. Advanced Anti-Ban. Planks logs at lumber yard. Tans Hides at al-kharid. 110k-300k per hour per account.
    11. Hosfad

      Zodiac Woodcutter

      thank you so much i will make it to only hop to non pvp worlds
    12. Hosfad

      Zodiac Woodcutter

      im aware that if you drop the logs the account gets banned im working on a fix so sorry about that
    13. Hosfad

      Zodiac Woodcutter

      will be adding soon
    14. Hosfad

      DreamBot v3.6.2

      i didnt have the show paint checkbox ckecked on the dreambot client lol
    15. Hosfad

      DreamBot v3.6.2

      hey it seems like something is wrong with onPaint in abstractScript
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