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    1. Hosfad

      Zodiac Woodcutter

      Hello @420x69x420 , Thank you for letting me know , the only p2p area in the progressive mode is the Magic tree area , so im guessing it was going there i will add an extra check so that f2p players dont get p2p areas
    2. Thats exactly why im saying you cant be in sync
    3. Problem is that he wont be in sync with the actual gametick , even if its implemented
    4. you can use LivePrices#get the method you are trying to use is to get the price of the current sell/buy offer
    5. it would be better if you pm the script developer and send him these logs
    6. JformDesigner is really nice
    7. Thank you , thats really nice to hear
    8. Love your scripts!  Honestly surprised they are free given the quality and security.


      Are you planning on creating an Agility Script?

      1. Hosfad


        Hello , im glad you like the scripts 
        the scripts are intended to to stay free for a set amount of time , they will be converted to paid :)

    9. Hello @Yoko , Yes the script can be used to mix any items you want together/ Crush any item using Pestle and mortar in your case the first item would be Pot of flour , second item is Bucket of water and then chose the chat index depending on which kind of dough you want : 1 being Bread dough to 4 being Pitta dough
    10. Great i requested an update for the script , when its approved by staff you should have no performance issues at all. And i also fixed the clicking on the item it self instead of the material
    11. Hello @playmorecs, thank you for reporting . i will check out these problems shortly . the FPS problem has been fixed for other scripts , so turns out Crafting is still now updated to optimize performance . just to make sure this is the same performance issue , could you please test the performance for woodcutter and let me know how that goes i will also check why its clicking your gloves Im really glad you like the mouse algorithm 🙂
    12. Hosfad

      Zodiac AIO Smithing

      Hey , that is definitely unexpected , i will have a look at it shortly thanks for letting me know
    13. Hosfad

      Zodiac AIO Smithing

      Hello @OSRSvibes that could mean many things , You might be using an older version of the client , make sure you update your client if that doesnt work , please send me a screen shot of the Console , that will tell me whats happening . This is most likely caused because im using a method that was released in the new version of DreamBot , and youre still on the older version that doesnt support that method .
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