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    1. Hello , i believe this was a dreambot bug , that has been fixed after the update. Make sure youre on the latest client version
    2. Congrats for first script, Welcome to Dreambot 🙂
    3. Hello , Thanks im really glad you like the script , looks like the AIO Skiller still has the older version of the mining script , i will update it tonight 🙂
    4. Thanks for the updates
    5. Zodiac AIO Skiller Supported scripts : Zodiac Mining Motherlode mining Mines pay dirt Deposits pay dirt into hopper Takes out the ore from sack and banks FIxes the struts if it needs to Supported rocks : Iron rocks Silver rocks Gold rocks Copper rocks Clay rocks Coal rocks Tin rocks Mithril rocks Zodiac AIO Crafting Supported methods : - Cutting gems - Item spinning -Making silver/gold jewelry - Armour crafting -Bird house crafting -Making battle staffs Zodiac Cooking Supported features : - Supports all foods -Supports multiple locations Zodiac Alching Supported methods : - Alchs any item - Ability to add multiple items Zodiac AIO Thieving Supported methods : - Supports almost all NPC's - Supports all safe stalls - Supports eating -Banks in nearest bank/Drops items Zodiac Agility Supported courses : -Treegnome stronghold -Barbarian outpost -Shayzien basic + advanced -Wilderness -Ape atoll -Prifddinas Supported rooftops : -Draynor village -Al kharid -Varrock -Canfis -Falador -Seers village -Pollnivneach -Rellekka Zodiac Fletcher Supported methods : - Works every where and will automatically find closest bank - Supports all logs - Logs , Oak , Yew , Maple , Magic , Reedwood , Teak -Supports - Arrow shafts , Short bow , Long bow , Cross bow , Shield -Supports Making darts , Making arrows , Stringing bows Zodiac Firemaking Supported methods : - Supports all logs - Supports f2p and p2p locations -Banks in nearest bank Zodiac AIO Fisher Supported methods : - Supports a variety of fishing spots - Supports f2p and p2p locations -Banks in nearest bank/Drops items QuickStart parameters -script "script name" -params "Skill" "path to saved settings file" -script "Zodiac AIO Skiller" -params "Fletching" "C:/ Users / {User} / {Saved file location } / FletchingSettings.json"
    6. Hello there , yes it does
    7. Hosfad

      Zodiac Agility

      Thank you , really glad you like it 🙂
    8. Hosfad

      Zodiac Mining

      Hello thank you im really glad you like the script i will add support for that soon
    9. Hello there @PapaH You would want to check if the crab is not in combat in the npc predicate , i also noticed that you are using == for a String , That doesnt work in java , you need to use .equals for Strings in java . Your predicate should look something like NPC SandCrab = NPCs.closest(crab -> crab != null && crab.getName().equals("Sand Crab") && !crab.isInCombat() && attackSpot.contains(crab));
    10. Zodiac Tutorial Island Features : - Advanced Anti ban - Set up custom name / generate a random name - Set up custom appearance - Change gender to Female/Male - Set up custom clothing colors - Ability to save and load configurations QuickStart parameters -script "script name" -params "path to saved settings file" -script "Zodiac Tutorial island" -params "C:/ Users / {User} / {Saved file location } / ZodiacTutSettings.json"
    11. Hosfad

      Zodiac AIO Crafting

      Taking a look now thanks for the report
    12. Hosfad

      Zodiac AIO Crafting

      Hello , thanks im really glad you like the script You can do this through dreambot it self , on the top bar under the Client tab there is a checkbox called Show script paint , if you disable that it will hide the interface for you 🙂
    13. Hosfad

      Zodiac AIO Smithing

      Hello , could you provide more information ? Which item you were trying to Smelt/Smith , i will take a look at this in a second , Thanks for the report Currently not but i will add support for it after fixing that bug you reported
    14. Hosfad

      Zodiac Woodcutter

      @osrssom Hey , i have added a couple of extra locations to the script . For the custom area bug , do you have more information on it ,i couldn't replicate that bug 😮
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