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    1. Thank you, i appreciate it.
    2. Hi i finally got around to making a video of the evidence. This video took a long time to make/edit. Now I did this on a gmaul pure that i care about and i'm lowkey nervous that i might get banned because simply of the duration where it repeats the same task over and over again and it's clearly a glitch. I tried my best to keep an eye on it and fix any of the issues, but you'll see what i'm talking about in the video. The link is here: check the description for timestamps of the events. Also, the lost city bugs i wouldn't really consider them as bugs, but a setting/user erro
    3. i just want to vouch for this script, i got 83 construction on two accounts and never got banned. Although 1 did get banned later on for using a different script.
    4. Its going to take some time to get an account setup with requirements for the quests to get the evidence. I'll try to see if i can get a video of it.
    5. 1. Script purchased: RQuester 2. Script Thread URL: 3. Scripter(tag them with @): @Roma 4. Date of purchase(mm/dd): 03/25 5. Detailed description of problem: The task system to queue up quests wasn't working at the time i contacted the script writer. Additionally, theres several quests where the dialogue gets stuck. Another one i tested today was the barcrawl mini quest. It got stuck on talking to emily, and when the dwarves ask if i want to smash the vial. It's odd because i used it on a different account and was able to get it to work. I dont mean any disrespect to Rom
    6. Hi Roma, is it possible to get a partial refund? The script doesn't do what i had hoped. I have to babysit it most of the time, and the task queuing system is broken which is something that i really need. Its gotten stuck on priest in peril, mountain daughter, and big chompy bird hunting. The thing is though is that it's inconsistent. I've used it on two accounts, the 1st account got through priest in peril fine, but got stuck on a dialogue with mountain daughter and big chompy bird hunting. I tried to use it on a 2nd account, and i haven't done mountain daughter or big chompy bird hunting yet
    7. Quick question, i just did the trial, and it went really well.. I'm highly considering purchasing this script. Except, im only using it to level up my accounts to 50 or 60 ish to meet some quest requirements. How does the monthly fee work? Lets say i stop playing runescape, in a few months, is there a way to cancel the subscription?
    8. hey im thinking about buying this bot to get 70 agility. No suiciding or anything. The last post on this forum was from a guy who said he got banned. Do you think its still safe? or was he just being dumb?
    9. Thank you for your input. I will take into consideration what you said.
    10. If that statement is true, then how come there are a ton of different bots out there and not just money making ones?
    11. Also this there a certain threshold or period of time after this2 day ban would you say that its safe to bot again?
    12. Gosh dang, making an account takes so long... I haven't played osrs in forever and wanted to make a main account... Do you guys typically have multiple accounts? What do you use them for? Just for botting?
    13. I just got a 2 day ban from using mogy's trash woodcutting script. I should've read the forum before i added it to my dreambot client, but i had a good experience with every bot so far, so i just trusted it. After the 2 day ban, from your experience, is it safe to bot again? If i weren't ever to use that trash woodcutting script again?
    14. Dude, this script is trash. It got me banned. I used pretty much every other bot out there and its been safe.
    15. hey man i know this is an old thread, but i pretty much got the same ban... did you bot again on that same account? I'm scared now.
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