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    1. 2 bugs that need to be fixed.. 1) When using the ranged method, after the bot uses all of the initial bolts that it purchased, it'll continue to keep trying to kill spidines & never restock bolts, so bot will run until manually stopped. I don't think I need to provide logs for this, since it just needs to start doing an inventory check for supplies. Right now, I'm needing to manually restart the script every 5-6 hours to force it to rebuy supplies. Reported here. 2) When going to enter Tower of Life, it'll sometimes click on the door instead of the ground outside of the door, which leads it to go into the tower, then go back through the door & click on the trapdoor, leading the bot to the outside of the backside of the tower. I started this recording like 2 seconds late, but this happens I'd guess 30-40% of the time, since I've watched it to it at least a dozen times & I'm hardly at my computer - https://streamable.com/jjiwiw Reported here. Both of these have been reported in Discord, but doesn't seem like those messages are ever being looked at. These bugs will contribute to future bans if not fixed.
    2. The quest needs to be unstarted. If you've made any progress on a quest, script won't be able to pick up from where you left off.
    3. If you go here, there should be a "Try" button next to purchase for the script - https://sdn.dreambot.org/scripts
    4. Mikasa


      i don't either :pepehands:
    5. I haven't used this client in years, is covert mode recommended for this, or was that not used at all during testing? Running trial right now, testing out slayer & all good so far. I love that it's prayer flicking on lesser demon task, pretty good stuff so far!
    6. Does this support muling, or could that be a future addition?
    7. Mikasa


      hey men how you both been doing?! what that? have more time @ home thanks to the 'rona so looking into botting again
    8. gimme gimme What type of user are you? (Scripter, casual user, heavy user): Casual How many bots do you usually run at one time? ~4-5 How long have you used DreamBot? Haven't used in long time :shrug:
    9. Mikasa


      no that was the old me idk what anime is
    10. Mikasa


      who here
    11. Mikasa


      hey friend! how are you?
    12. Mikasa


      i swear on me mum...
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