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    1. Why would you bot them on a proxy, If you played them on your home IP? Doesn't make sense. Actually sounds like an excellent way to get banned.
    2. The client itself is not detected. You are detected by the script you use, if you use overused public script, you will be banned. This is okay for suicide botting, but make sure to mule the profits. I recommend to get the VIP or Sponsor by donating monthly, you will get access to the covert mode which works differently and is even more secure. Dreambot has simple API and you can learn to code your own private scripts for a start and you don't need to pay anything for it. Imo it's the biggest pro of dreambot. You can bot for free, developers are active as hell, if you want to spend some bucks, there are plenty of scripts, some better, some worse. To be totally objective, there are other good botting clients, but dreambot has it all. Ditch other botting clients and use dreambot
    3. I don't understand what you mean by "rather than across individual dreambot clients" since you can open multiple clients on one PC without any problems whatsoever. There is a bot management program that's free, though. BotBuddy, Dreambot Management Suite
    4. Next time, post a log from the console, that way, someone can help a little bit. Also, check if the game hasn't just been updated recently.
    5. Are you aware that when the game updates the team needs to update the client as well? "been with dreambot for years" and "Hope this can be fixed" kek lmao
    6. I saw this happen as well, it can happen with some scripts if they disable the random event solver, although from what Dickex says, ignoring the random events is not an indication for a ban (who knows, though?).
    7. Yeah I just tried that, the coins are not visible to other than the restricted bot.
    8. Trade restricted do not drop it for others. I tried that. The bot made great profit, but unfortunately, it got banned before I could reach unrestricted trading. Edit: Unless you mean buying certain items and travelling with them there? Which items do you recommend and which are not restricted?
    9. Is there a reason why the script teleports me from GE to fk knows where with ring of dueling, then it teleports instantly back to GE with ring of wealth after every inventory? Also what do you mean here? Which mining location? 2. Start the script near the GE, with a ring of wealth, or at your first mining location and use the graphical interface to set up the script: Please, if you fix it, reset my trial, I'd love to try it if it works.
    10. Go to Add or remove programs > search for "Java" and uninstall all entries. Then follow this guide again from the start. https://dreambot.org/guides/#windows
    11. Agreed. Having multiple scripts this would help quickly activate walker or idler.
    12. Awesome man, thanks for being open-source :))
    13. How do you get the coins off trade restricted accs?
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