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      My OSRS Journey

      First of all, before I get started with my journey and all the information I want to share to new comers of this hobby, is I have a few honorable mentions who I would not be here without the help of a few friends. To begin the list firstly, we have Fisher#0067(958802582472622101) many of you probably know him as he is quite an active person in many discords. When I purchased my first script (SubCZ Account builder 30d) he went over its uses how I should be leveling and beyond. I got to ask questions to my heart’s content with him for well over two hours until I eventually had to go. If you ever get to talk to him, I would highly recommend it. Second, I have BigTimeTripod#8443(180044186102267904) or tripod as I am going to refer to him throughout this. Tripod was also there with fisher when I got to ask questions. He provided his take on everything as well as his experience in OSRS botting. Tripod and I would message for quite awhile daily and still do on botting events and would answer all of my questions which is very helpful because it fastened my knowledge on this as I had a source I could count on (same as fisher but tripod would respond faster lol). On to the main course of this in which you probably have been waiting for. First when I started into OSRS botting it was to originally move away from the game I have been botting for years, Minecraft. A simple game to cheat in as the client is fully in your power no worrying about mouse movement detections a custom mouse algorithm etc. From Minecraft I felt I needed a new game that I would enjoy just as much which brought me of course to RuneScape. The first thing I did when I found the game was look up scripts, scripting guides, and scripting videos on YouTube. After, all of this I was met with a client that has good scripts for a reasonable price and a nice community. One of the first things I did after purchasing a copy of SubCZ’s account builder script was to join his discord where I eventually met fisher and tripod two people who would be critical to my OSRS botting journey. Fisher and tripod provided me with great info on how to start what scripts to buy and my steps to starting my own farm to sell, hold onto, or really do whatever I felt like doing with it. Some of the things they taught me were what scripts to buy, what to look for in a good proxy service, how to make accounts myself, breaks for the bots, and what private scripts are about. This list will slowly be updated throughout this. The first thing I was taught about were scripts of course! Fisher and tripod both highly recommended to use SubCZ’s scripts as their ease of use and undetectability. The scripts I was told that would make a deadly combo were SubCZ Slayer, Quester Advanced, Account Builder, and the Undead Druid AIO (All of these will be linked at the bottom). These scripts all combined would make for such a good bot that it would jump start my career in botting. Currently as of writing this I only own the undead druids, account builder 30-day sub, and quester advanced lifetime. I am planning on purchasing the lifetime version of the account builder at the end of my subscription (Just buy the lifetime). The important reason to own most if not all of these together is the fact they work in unison. For example, when building a new account, it would make the account look less like a bot if it was able to divert from leveling skills to go run a quest or maybe try out a few slayer levels. Once, my bots started questing occasionally via the advanced quester script my ban rates plummeted. Not only did my accounts look more legit but they lasted far longer than I expected. The second thing I learned of is the importance of proxies and there use cases. For proxies I got two separate opinions and, in a way, I follow both of them. The first opinion I got was from Fisher, Fisher stated to me that I should always run 1 account off of each IP always. Its best to use them to avoid chain bans and other similar situations. He also gave me insight on the sort of pricing I should be looking for, personally he pays roughly 1$/per proxy which is a good price to look for. The general type of proxy you should look for would be a static residential proxy. One of the key tips he mentioned that I found funny was to ask the staff at the service if they know of the game RuneScape and if other customers used their proxies for it. If the answer from the provider was yes was to keep on looking for a new provider that didn’t know of RuneScape. The other opinion from tripod was to bot on my home IP. He personally runs nine accounts actively on his home IP. Doing this is more economical for you and your wallet because it saves you 9 – 22.5 dollars on proxies (That price range is 1-2.5$ per proxy). I sort of merged their ideologies and run two accounts per proxy from the proxy service I was informed about from a friend TheGriff#1627 who also runs an account store (linked at the bottom). So, with this info I was successfully able to run 7 accounts off of my home IP and another 6 off of my proxies. The third thing I learned was about accounts, and how they work, how to get them, or to make them yourself. Most of this info was provided by Fisher with a dabble from tripod. Fisher advised me to use a method where I would be making them myself instead of purchasing them. Doing it in Fisher’s style does require proxies however. Basically, what Fisher advised me to do was download proxifier a proxy program that allows you to run all connections through a proxy of your choice. So, to make the account you would basically load proxifier onto the proxy you want to make the account on. After that you would then launch the Dream Bot client on that proxy and complete the tutorial island on the same IP. Once, you have successfully completed the tutorial island you want to rest the account for 1-3 days before you can start scripting on it. The information I obtained from tripod on this was regarding purchasing accounts. Tripod advised me to go to certain shops that are highly reputable with good tutorial island accounts completed and rested, as well as good shops that sell pre-made accounts ready to script on. The fourth thing I learned on this journey into OSRS scripting is what breaks are and their significance. Obviously, no human would possibly play OSRS or any game for extreme amounts of hours at unreasonable times doing a repetitive task over and over again. Hence, why breaks are a key factor to bot survival and success. Having good breaks and even a sleep schedule for your bot can be a major key to success for a gold farm. Personally, I was advised from Fisher and Tripod that my bots should sleep for roughly 12-14 hours per day. They should also take more breaks than total playtime. For example, for 30 minutes of play a 40-minute break. Currently, I mostly run my bots in sessions where they will play for around A hour or so with a small 10-minute break somewhere random inside that hour. After, this it may take a longer 20–50-minute break some where into the second hour. Typically, my accounts will play for 4-7 hours a day. Another major thing I learned was the importance of private scripts vs public scripts. This sections is going to be slightly shorter as the information is not as needed as the others. First of all, there are some private scripts which can be hugely expensive ranging from 50-10,000$. Obviously, the average scripter may not be able to afford the higher end prices, like me. Some of the insights I received is a quote I actually have from SubCZ, he says “90% of private scripts are a meme, its repackaged stuff that can’t compete on public market. Then there’s some people who charge a ton for them and I guess those could be good”. This mostly is something you should go by as public scripts can be quite the tool to success. However, there are some exceptions, the one and only private script seller I would recommend is by someone named Zackaery. Zack sells a multitude of scripts some of which can range from 34-1500$! Some of these scripts even Fisher uses because of how good they are. (Sadly, I won’t link these as I don’t know if I have permission to or not, sorry) This really wraps it up for private scripts as I do not really have much experience in them. This really quite wraps up my current experience with OSRS scripting as of 9/13/22. I plan on updating this monthly with any new updates I get or information I receive. I am currently progressing on making my own script which ill link on how you can start and make your own. For making your own script personally I would just make something simple as when it comes to account building you really can’t beat the pros such as SubCZ and Zack. Some of the extra information I have such as the basic notes I created when I first started, I will drop at the bottom. Thank you very much for reading feel free to pm me on discord if you have any questions, I may be able to answer. -Slezzzy SubCZ’s Dream Bot profile SubCZ's Dream Bot profile! SubCZ’s account builder SubCZ Account builder! SubCZ’s advanced quester SubCZ Advanced quester! SubCZ’s Slayer SubCZ Advanced Slayer! SubCZ’s Undead Druid AIO SubCZ's Undead Druid AIO! TheGriffins Account store https://discord.gg/fUKZrtt2Cp
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