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    1. I think I had the same problem. Make sure no injections are turned on and have fresh start on. launch program again. Edit you were right. I found out that a month ago all bots like Dream client that use injection get auto banned. The only bots that don't get banned now are Clients that have Mirror mode. I can't even suicide bot the bans are fast. I tried using zero scripts too and the ban was just delayed after 12-15 hours.
    2. I already have 50+ accounts get banned. A few have not though. Some scripts on this site auto ban like the tutorial one that's free. Some you should only run for 30-40 levels on a skill. That's the learning part of botting I suppose. Do a quest, after that level up a skill, switch and repeat something else. Use the breaks on the settings. Don't let the bot run over 8-12 hours.
    3. Is the best way to get gold from my bots to my main, is kill them in the wilderness? What's the max drop rate for gold f2p accounts anyways?
    4. My script screen is just blank now but does log onto Runescape. nvm its working now
    5. Dream Bot is not loading my scripts . Screen is stuck on Loading Scripts. Problem logging into account too.
    6. This is a really nice bot. Just has a lot of glitches right now. Example like no notification for a shovel to dig treasure/not picking up shears for the sheap and returning to Fred
    7. snugglez

      Mogy NPC Fighter

      This bot is the best. The anti ban is better than the fightaholic one. Actually works unlike fightaholic keeps freezing too. This is the best script to use for skills.
    8. It's a very good bot. Just don't leave it on pass 200k profit. Even with breaks on the account will catch a ban.
    9. On accounts you dont care about run it however. The more human like you make it. The more unlikely it will be banned.
    10. The window has been freezing when trying to select options. I have not been able to get it to work. makes me force close with task manager.
    11. A script where I can control multiple accounts at the same time on tutorial island with my own mouse movements would be good. I will try making one myself.
    12. snugglez


      Gonna edit this. I actually get no bans with this. Other free ones are causing the bans fast. Just need to fix the few glitches talking on 3rd quest to start and it will be perfect.
    13. Its good. On the first day on a new account. I recommend only using this for a hour or so. First day if you use this over that amount of time. you get banned. I think after 2 days you can use it as much as you want though. I had accounts get 10k+ feathers on day 2-3 using it for 12 hours straight.
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