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    1. I still dont get what im doing wrong here. That is exactly how my project files look. Does the "Script.java" have to be top level? This is the exact code and folder structure i have uploaded to the SDN https://github.com/GhostDataIsDreaming/GhostIsDreamingScripts and im trying to have it post "LiveScripting" to the SDN
    2. I have already requested a Repo and have pushed my code to the repo. I have tried 2 project structures. GhostData / ...LiveScripting / ...<project files> and GhostScripts / ...<project files> Whenever i try to submit the script to the SDN it gives me an error saying that i cannot have special characters or that the git repo does not exit. The attached pictures is the normal error i am getting now along with a list of my repositories on dreambot. What is the correct way to have my repo structured? or am i just being dump and cannot find the guide to walk me through this.
    3. GhostData


      Earnest the Chicken crashes on Start. No errors printed to console. No Errors with other quests.
    4. Update to v2.2 - Direct Download ChangeLog Revamped the menus. Now includes 3 distinct menues. Loader, Editor, Settings Rewrote the Script Loading, Handling, Executing -- Start your Lua Scripts with (script.) --Supports onStart, onLoop, onExit, onResume, onPaint --Supports onLoop calling even if not present, treats entire script as onLoop Rewrote the sample WoodcutAnywhere. Start that shit anywhere and when your inventory is full it will walk to bank, deposit and then walk back Option to choose samples from the Load Menu. Automatically run them when chose.
    5. Samples WoodcutAnywhere (Click here for most recent)
    6. Live Scripting w/ Lua Write scripts with lua using LuaJ This is my first attempt at writing a script. Wanted to write something where i can see the results immediately. Please post any errors here or on the Github. Thanks! Source: https://github.com/GhostDataIsDreaming/LiveScripting/ Download Link: https://github.com/GhostDataIsDreaming/LiveScripting/releases VirusTotal: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/e0326c840a23950b4352503e6c8e3e297de8ac9cbc9780c85dc8adee83cfb173
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