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    1. Hey mods . I bought this script for 1 function which was crafting snakeskin Sheilds and literally none of the functions work. Please could I get a refund
    2. Hey mods I just purchased this script is there any chance of a refund ?
    3. I would recommend if they are fresh accounts botting with your specific scrift for no more then 3-4 hours a day . If you are planning on botting for longer than that I'd suggest to atleast use a different script that trains a completely different skill. Also doing quests is helpful aswell.
    4. Hey Zawy. Love your scripts always top quality and havent had a ban yet. I've found issues that I'm hoping you could fix please. 1st. It keeps world hopping to pvp arena and getting stuck. Is there any chance you can remove pvp arena from the f2p and p2p world selection ? 2. It's not opening feather packs after purchasing it starts walking back to the bank when buying from Gerrant's Fishy Business in Port sarim. Thanks bro much appreciated !!!
    5. The script doesn't allow for essence mining . Or I'm doing something wrong while trying to start it.
    6. ***edited *** Just saw the previous post apologies . Awesome script OP. Just wondering if you plan on adding gem tip cutting in the future . Thanks
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