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    1. script works great, suggestion though; could you add an option to limit leveling certain combat styles. For instance, i dont really want to train past 60 attack, but wouldnt mind higher defence and strength. (this being the exp gained when farming them for gold) Or maybe i just dont know how to use the script haha. Thanks!
    2. Awesome script, Suggestion for a "nice to have": adding an option to use jewelry to teleport to the bank once an inventory is full, then walk back to where you were dealing with doors. (obviously its a free script so i don't expect much )
    3. Totally depends on how and where and when you're botting. Are you using a VPN? proxies? Do your bots share these VPNs, proxies? It's very easy for jagex to just blanket ban your bots if they share. Method of botting, are you botting tutorial island then going about with other scripts? They're very good at early account bot detection, some things are just better off being done manually. I'm very early into this, and it really is trial and error like Yeeter said. Ive had some instant bans, and ive also had a bot running for over 60 hours now (with breaks, botting overnight is just a bad idea) without any signs of a ban incoming.
    4. Love the script, any chance you could add an option to keep spirit flakes in the inventory? It seems to bank them on the first trip.
    5. I'm just now starting out learning dreambot scripting. Curious if the anti ban im seeing in a lot of script titles is something that can be utilized from the dreambot libraries, or if it's some sort of overloaded/overriden implementations of dreambot control methods? I don't need specifics as I'm sure the best anti-ban logic is a secret Thanks!
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