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    1. i disagree, if it does the same thing every lap once they get that in their algorithm its an instant ban in like an hour of running it. should have variation with different sized breaks in between actions with a variety of sequeences. in my opinion it should almost never do the exact same thing at any one part with the exact same time between doing it. everything should have half second variances (or longer) throughout which is the only way to avoid falling into an algorithm that is easily detectable.
    2. y thanks for pointing that out. Ya I realize now after being back on the scene for a week that it really is a bad script. Its old af and not even updated and does the same thing every loop. I dont want to stir bad blood but Ya i gotta just watch for whats what and pay close attention I guess. THanks for the reply
    3. Heres where it happens on the Fally course . Been here the last few times and Im starting to monitor it while I run it now. Ill post more pics as I see where it happens on other courses, but I know it happens at varrock and draynor as well.
    4. u know 15 year old accounts are worth alot right. Dam I made those mistakes back in the day but im older now. Never bot rare accounts especially on public scripts
    5. if Your script encounters ' You cant reach that ' , will it correct itself? Thats all I care about and the only function I'm looking for in a rooftop course script. Let me know if You have measures in place for when the script tries to go backwards and just keeps clicking the obstacle You already went over and I'll consider purchasing. Pandemics script has no measure for that so it just clicks the previous obstacle 100 times and guarantees a ban. I can work with a script if it can correct itself during that one error. Let me know please
    6. i swear these scripters dont even test their shit before releasing lmao. this websites a shit show
    7. Hello. I was hoping You guys that sell agility scripts on the site could implement into Your script : If 'I cant reach that' appears more than once I.E. the script is stuck trying to go backwards through an agility course, that it resets the script so that it can head to the next obstacle instead of clicking 'I cant reach that' 300 times which is an obvious flag and instant ban for the buyer. Repeatedly clicking the same thing for no reason is one of Jagex' main detection methods. Like if You run out of natures and keep clicking a stacked item while auto alching. Youre road kill. Ive noticed these agility scripts concurrently seem to have this issue. Thanks for Your time.
    8. Ok on a less heated note. I think the script could be improved if there was a feature in which if "You can not reach that" is 'True' then proceed to switch to the next obstacle . The main issue I'm having is it will try to go backwards along a course, and it clicks the previous obstacle again & again which I've noticed and stopped the script. This definitely has to be corrected. Soon as the bot observes "You can not reach that" in the chat dialogue more than once, it can realize that its bugging and switch to the other obstacle in the vicinity.
    9. I ran Your tea thiever for 8 seconds and got perm banned olol jk bro thanks for the guide . G O A T
    10. Hey Yal. I was thinking it would be cool if You guys added a 'World Hop' Feature to the settings, beside breaks. Just like breaks, You would be able to add in 'World hop to world 485 17 minutes into script, world 490 75 minutes into script' etc. World hopping while You run a script is a really easy and efficient anti-ban method. It messes up their algorithm and makes it harder to detect Us.
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