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    1. Bro im not gonna lie. i dont really give reviews unless I'm EXTREAMLY impressed. 9.5 out of 10 .5 deduction is Because the script is tooo good and almost superhuman
    2. What happened to the rest of the quests?? LAME!!!!!!! this script used to be awesome. now its 100% trash.
    3. Im convinced that the convert mode is affecting my bots and getting them banned I noticed my accounts are no longer getting banned and the only thing i changed was convert mode. Just thought id throw this out there
    4. So i just thought I'd let you know. This script is no longer effective. Sir pugger released a YouTube video on july 15th 2021, and the video contains someone using the bot. Sir Pugger was stating that Jagex has already put somthing in place to increase bans for this Script. I enjoy using this script and i would like to continue using it, but my Ban rates are too high using this script. So please update your script all of my accounts are getting banned
    5. I'm impressed about this script!@= ALTHOUGH!!!! There are some things that need to be fixed. when the bot goes to GE to upgrade gear, the bot does not buy full set of mele armor. When the bot goes to the bank to memorize bank IT SHOULD memorize all the minerals it has before buying more ores to smith
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