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    1. Yeah I don't know how to code botting scripts. I plan to buy your complete fungi script, and maybe some of your other scripts.
    2. I'm new to the botting community and I am thinking of buying this, but I'm not requesting a trial just yet. One of my concerns is that if too many accounts are botting fungi, would that not arouse suspicion? What's the highest number of accounts this script is feasible for? Also, if an account fresh out of tutorial island with nothing only does the absolute bare minimum to farm this activity, how likely is it to arouse suspicion? Anyway this script looks extremely promising. I would love to take a look at your other scripts. I notice you don't have a combat based script yet.
    3. Should I bot quests? I plan to mostly do combat activities. If I have very few quests and only combat stats, would that make me likely to get banned?
    4. Hey guys, I have been an avid player on RS3 for many years, but I want to get into botting. I know that OSRS is the more popular choice to bot due to the fact that RS3 gp is extremely cheap. I have not yet started, but plan to do so in the very near future. I have a couple questions for experienced players here. 1. Since I am not willing to risk any of my RS3 accounts, I'm in the process of creating several accounts, each with a different email. I know I have to level up my stats and do quests before I can start farming. Since there are bots that can handle grinding accounts in
    5. I've been an avid player of RS3 for many years. I have 2 maxed accounts and I have made well over 20b flipping and scamming. 

      I am totally new to botting and I will happily accept any mentoring. I will also happily accept any friend requests. I look forward to getting to know the DreamBot community. 

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