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    1. thats why i said checkbox but i guess it makes sense to not add it
    2. a checkbox on settings that would remove accs from manage accounts list when they get banned
    3. TuzasLT

      Potato Picker

      POTATO PICKER BY TUZASLT Picks potatoes east of draynor village keeps track of potatoes picked , profit , hourly pickrate START ANYWHERE
    4. dont bot on accounts that have way too much wealth unless its needed for bot
    5. in video the walking looks very bad like rapid clicking
    6. im 100% sure its widgets im not 100% sure how to use them lol
    7. yeah i get i need to getLength and then choose which option thanks alot for clarifying
    8. does this work if there will be more lines of dialogue for example 5-6 or do i need to define it somehow that there will be more lines
    9. you can ask them for change if you bought them within 24hours thats what i do test at chickens if acc cant get to 13magic flagged
    10. proxy6 from my perspective is lucks thing you either get good or bad proxy
    11. test test and once more test write down your failures your sucess and opt into that if it doesnt work test for other methods you cant go into botting and be like im gonna run 100accs at first week and profit couple bill at the end of month most likely you will have deficit of couple hundred mills for first months sorry for bad grammar
    12. TuzasLT

      Are 51 Hype

      each naruto-run made me crack-up
    13. still got the crash after 40minutes and it popped out two files now one being the notepad file im adding other being file named core with 1.4gb of space hs_err_pid19349.loghs_err_pid1180.log
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