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  1. like any gold farmer would just go around and tell how much he makes lol
  2. if you are starting farm then suicide botting is the way to go unless you bot zulrah or vorkath
  3. there's no limit for selling only buying lol
  4. give mine to another winner entered for fun aswll
  5. TuzasLT


    oh it all was because of my low resolution sorry for bugging you
  6. TuzasLT


    i dont see witch house anywehere
  7. TuzasLT


    nothing happens when i click them
  8. TuzasLT


    yo how do i add queue for tasks ?
  9. TuzasLT


    Does it support waterfall at lvl 3 ? also Upvoted! would love to get auth
  10. i enter with 1#Shopping and AIO item mixer Thanks for good scripts
  11. i dont know if that's intended but you have to take mould from bank yourself for it too start crafting opal necklaces