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    1. Some suggestions 1) Super combat potion support 2) Loot item above x value 3) Attack npcs only within x amount of grid tiles 4) Prayer flicking to save prayer points
    2. Hey pandemic thanks for the trial earlier I noticed that when going to hover over a monster, the mouse movement will sometimes look jagged, but other times it is perfectly fine. Is this an issue with my graphics/dreambot settings? Or is this just part of the antiban? Otherwise, great script. I am planning on buying it now.
    3. does this support safespotting with range?
    4. yo what happen to ur tanner script

      are u still updating? cuz it was up for removal 

    5. Hello I see that the ImABaller tanner script was said to be removed on January 16 but it is not removed yet almost one month later. So can I still buy it
    6. Thank you. I noticed that it was spam clicking g-maul spec (maybe 10 times) even though it was at 50% special attack and not 60%
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