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    1. The script has no logic to switch attack styles - it will stat the same all the way through. Maybe you used a weapon with the "Shared" xp?
    2. I am working on a farming script atm 🙂
    3. The only thing I know is getMouse().getEntitiesOnCursor(); - idk if that will do?
    4. Hey guys Probs for the break handler, it works like a charm! One thing I'd love to see though, is a way to add a break as an "AFK" break. When I play RS legitimately (yes it happens from time to time) and I am doing a non-dangerous task such as mining, fletching or whatever, I do not log out if I want to take a break - I simply just let my account AFK out. It'd be nice to see this feature, so you could add "I just got diarrhea"-break or "my kid just shit himself"-break to simulate real life occurrences. 🙂
    5. How much are you botting per day? Are you taking breaks? My accounts lasts for atleast a week, but I switch up tasks every day and bot like 3-4 hours a day
    6. getLocalPlayer().getFacingDirection() returns your direction, however if you rotate because of an interaction (say mining a rock next to you) it returns null. getLocalPlayer().getRotation() works as expected
    7. I've found that using rested accs (completed tutorial then rested for atleast two weeks) significantly lowers the banrate. I used to get banned within the same day of completing tut, however with rested accs I can last weeks!
    8. That seems weird. Is that the only thing logged in the console? As far as I know, that is an issue with the connection to DreamBot, not an issue with the script. Load account data is your forum account, not RS account. Have you tried restarting the client?
    9. Hey guys! Some of you may know me, and most of you might not. My name is Stormscythe and I used to be a S-MOD on here! I decided to leave back then because of my personal life taking up all my time. Now I have two kids, no more sparetime but hey, here I am! I'll get back into scripting, rewriting some of my old stuff and most likely some new stuff! Anyway, nice to be back, looking forward to meet you all and talk to the people I have not spoken to in a long time!
    10. FREE AIO HERBLORE This script will clean your herbs, make your unfinished potions and even finish them up if you want to! Cleaning pattern can be selected from a few pre-defined ones, or customised to fit your exact needs! Simply press the button in the GUI to open up the pattern maker, and click each spot in the order you want the herb to be cleaned! Will be on the SDN shortly!
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