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  2. You were correct, i added a total of 1.2 mil to all my accounts becuase they had member, but they needed 250k more because of the dragon bones. ANYWAYS please increase your Anti-Ban. I would pay MORE for the script if the antiban was better. I had 3 500+ days rested accounts all on different proxies run this script. all of them got banned before finishing prayer with dragon bones.
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  4. Gorn

    getMouse().move() speed

    So I tested it and it doesn't work (of course) but what is interesting that I didn't know is that it will always round down. log(Integer.toString((int) 0.1)); gives the same result as log(Integer.toString((int) 0.9)); in both cases it rounds it down to zero
  5. Xtra

    getMouse().move() speed

    You can use a double or float and then cast to an int like so: MouseSettings.setSpeed((int) 0.5); Let me know if that works
  6. New Version Release v1.42 - 05/08/2020 - PREP: Quest stage paint adjusted - PREP: Smoother reactions on teleporting to house - PREP: House portal entry more efficient - PREP: Adjustments to altar interaction to improve speed - PREP: Purchasing house smoother - FARM: Prediction adjustment on RoD when invent full v1.41 - 05/08/2020 - PREP: Healing fix for accounts with Wiches house done - PREP: Prayer antipattern reduced
  7. Gorn

    getMouse().move() speed

    so I tested it properly and I was wrong about it not afecting the mouse, I guess what I'm really looking for is setting the speed below 1 even at the lowest speed it's still producing weird too fast movement in my 'anti-ban', but it probably doesn't matter although I wonder why is the speed int instead of a float
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