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Scripting 101

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All about making the brilliant paint. (I wrote this section at 2am, please bear with me)


First of all, add this method in your script. All the example code below should be written inside this method.



Getting coordinates







Setting color







Setting font







Drawing text







Drawing rectangles







Drawing an image







Drawing an in game tile







The final product and full source














Nearly all scripts have some kind of a GUI. GUI is the window that appears when you start a script. You input all kinds of info, such as which enemy to attack and should your bot use prayer or not. Now we will take a look at creating a GUI ourselves. We will not be using any kind of a form maker program. Creating a GUI can be sometimes very tedious, especially when you write it completely yourself without the use of a form maker. I personally use WindowBuilder, a plugin for Eclipse. It saves me a lot of time when making a GUI. 


Starting off







The createGUI method







Adding different components







The final product and full source











AbstractScript versus TaskScript



Let's take a peek at the differences between AbstractScript and TaskScript. I have written a basic powerchopper script in both frameworks and the sources are visible in the spoilers below.

Both of the scripts work the same way. Chops trees until inventory is full and then drops them.


AbstractScript source







TaskScript source











Okay, okay, I've seen enough code. Now what are the differences?

As I said the scripts work exactly the same way. However, some scripters, like me, prefer to use the TaskScript framework. Why is that? Well... mostly because your code is spread in to different classes which makes it easier for you to modify your code. You also get the opportunity to set priorities to your nodes and understanding which piece of code is ran is easier. Of course this example script is very basic and short which makes the use of TaskScript an overkill. It is better to use AbstractScript on small scripts using either if-framework or state-framework.






Feel free to request new tutorials.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask!

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What other tutorial are coming soon.

I saw someone asking tutorial on using TaskScript on Discord chat so I decided to start with this. In the future I will create tutorials on the basic stuff such as how to interact with different objects in game and doing other cool stuff such as gui and paint. All ideas are welcome and I'll try my best to create a tutorial for it! =)

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