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    Hello everyone!
    Today I'd like to introduce a new feature to our client: a script scheduler.
    This is an EXTREMELY useful tool for those of you who either don't have time or just don't enjoy stopping a script, walking somewhere, and starting another script every couple hours.
    This tool will be free for any user for the first month of release, and then will be available to only for VIP and higher members.
    How to Use

    To begin, open the script overview page (the play button), choose your account, and press the Schedule button (red below)

    Pressing Schedule will show this page:
    It's simple to add a script to your schedule, just select the script, press Setup, fill out the GUI (if the script has one), then press the + button to add it to the schedule.
    Once you add a script, you have a few choices for how long you want that script to run before going to the next one.

    You can choose to use time, or one of the scripts custom variables (if the script supports it).
    Let's say you want to buy 1000 kebabs, and then go mining for an hour, and then fletch 1000 bows. This is how you'd have your scripts setup:


    and then just press Start Schedule, it's as easy as that!



    For Scripters



    Please note that everything below is 100% optional, but I encourage you all to make your scripts schedule supported.


    There are a few things you'll need to add/change for your script to work with our scheduler:

    • All setting GUI's must start in onStart
    • You must call setStartTile(Tile) in your onStart to let the scheduler know where to walk to before starting your script
    • If you have a variable you'd like to be schedule-able (like fletched items or kebabs bought above), simply use this in your script (please note that these variables must be a number of some sort):
    @ScheduleVariable(name = "Kebabs Bought")
    private int kebabsBought = 0;

    Do all that, and your script will be 100% scheduler ready!



    We plan on this releasing very soon (within the next 2 or 3 days at the latest).


    Let us know what you think, and as always, thanks for being a part of DreamBot!

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