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  • Dream Script Factory

    Nuclear Nezz

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    I wanted to take a break from working just on barrows for a bit, so today I started working on Dream Script Factory

    I don't really know all what I need to put into this, so I figured I'd make a project thread to see what you guys want.



    Script is released! see: https://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/14348-nuclear-script-factory/


    So far I have the interaction menu tab done, under Sleep I have
    Sleep (min,max)
    SleepUntil->isInCombat(min, max), !isInCombat(min,max)

    Walk->Walk Tile
    Walk->Walk Entity->NPC(name,id), GameObject(name,id), Player(Name,id), GroundItem(name,id)


    Bank->Withdraw All(name,id), Withdraw(name/id, amount), Deposit All(name/id), Deposit(name/id, amount)
    Equipment->equip(any of the slots, name/id)
    Equipment->unequip(any of the slots)


    Label creates a label with a name
    Goto creates a goto with a label name as input







    Dialogue->Continue will continue the dialogue either via click or space (calculated by how close your mouse is to the "Click here to continue" iirc)

    Dialogue->Choose String will choose a dialog that *matches fully and exactly* to what you type in

    Dialogue->Choose Index will choose the index of the dialogue (starting at index 1)


    Halt creates a Halt action, which stops the script.
    You can pause the script anywhere through it's interactions and it won't progress. You can stop the script and it'll reset the counter back to 0 (the top of the script)
    you can start the script from pause or stop.
    The actual script factory will continue running until you close the GUI.

    I have conditional actions to implement still, which is where I'm trying to get an idea of what people would want.
    Things like:

    Oh I should probably add widget interactions too I guess.

    I also want to add in being able to add an action at whatever line you want to, rather than having to delete actions to get back to where you want, or being able to drag/drop the actions to reorder them.

    Thoughts? Critiques? Ideas? ;o

    >mfw I wrote this in 3 hours

    Things to do:



    -World Hopping


    -Add Antiban Actions

    -Item tracking

    -Finish SleepUntil's and SleepWhile's

    -Widget Interactions

    -Easier Widget Interactions

    -Player setting conditionals

    -more inventory conditionals (isFull, isEmpty) *added but not pushed*


    Antiban ideas:

    "randomly check skill exp interface, commonly looking at the skill that gained the most exp and if there is secondary exp gained then less commonly look at like (20min-1h interval), checking friends list/clan chat etc, switching chat tabs depending on clan messages/pm/trade (like if public gets a few messages maybe go to that tab for x time then click away to trade because i usually like to have no chat messages showing)" - x123xx





    **Update 10/19/2015**



    I've added conditionals and conditional blocks.

    I've added saving/loading (It's not nearly efficient saving/loading but cbf)

    Made it so you can remove any action

    Made it so you can add an action in at any point (after checking the insert action checkbox)

    I have a few sleepuntil's and sleepwhile's


    I just need input on what other functions are needed in it, so I'll be putting it on the sdn today.




    **Update 8/10/2016**



    Wow a friggin year went by wtf

    I rewrote all of it, I'm gonna upload it when I finish writing this up since some of the things changed and whatnot

    Stay tuned for a (light) guide on how to use this factory for the things you need (I'd really appreciate it if someone who grasps the concept could write a bit of a more in depth guide soon) I have some more tweaks I want to make to the GUI side of things before I push though, like being able to drag and drop actions in the list to reorder them, and being able to resize the window would be pretty convenient.




    **Update 3/7/2018**



    Well I found my project again.

    I've added dialogues (choose option, choose index, continue dialogue)

    I've added dialogue conditionals (in dialogue, has option)

    It will be a bit before I push, I think something changed with my repo stuff and I may actually need to fully reupload the script. I'm going to try and do some more work on it (and will update this when I do) before I do that, though.

    Added Equipment->Interact

    Added Tab->Open and Conditional->Is tab open/not open

    Cleaned some stuff up, too.



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    gj :) guess this is to pretty much make your own script type thing :)

    Yeah, hence the factory part ;P


    Awww who took my reply down due to the homo-eroticness of it? I'm just speaking my mind..

    Btw cool as fuck Nezz

    I did, it was off topic. >_>

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