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  • Sub Account Builder V2 is OUT NOW [1000M Giveaway]


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    Sub Account Builder V2 is OUT NOW!

    Sub Account Builder V2 is a major upgrade that aims to make it the most advanced all-in-one script on the market.

    With this release you'll be able to create your very own custom activities, create custom gear sets and gear progressions, use new training methods, and new moneymakers. You'll have access to new customization pages that can be applied to ALL activities and ALL quests.


    Click the discord banner above to join the 1000M giveaway launch party!


    Custom Activities

    Each activity now has a Customize button. When clicked, a customization interface specific to that activity will be opened in which you can change parameters, settings, and goals of the activity. Customization is available in both AIO mode and Task mode.



    Note: The customization interface gives you access to ALL underlying options. For example, you could create a custom Brutal Dragon Killer by customizing the slayer activity, choosing virtual tasks, and adding various Brutal Dragon locations.


    Example: How to Create a Black Dragon Killer


    After clicking the Customize button and setting up your custom activity, you can give it a name in the bottom right.

    The duration determines how long the activity will run when it is chosen before the script will switch to the next randomly chosen activity.

    The two radio buttons represented by the stats icon and the money icon determine whether the activity will be registered as a training method or as a moneymakerThe script will choose training methods only to reach your chosen skill level targets, wheras moneymakers are also used to recover gold when you are running low, as well as to reach your chosen money target.

    After clicking the Save button, the activity will be added to your setup. Here you can enable and disable activities by double clicking them, to decide which ones the script should use.

    Don't forget to enter your target skills or target money amount in the skill sheet, and then click run!


    Gear Customization

    The new gear customization interface allows you to choose a custom gear set for any situation and any quest. By dragging & dropping a list of gear items, you can specify their priority. The script will use this list to choose its gear and automatically upgrade based on the order of the items you added.

    ALL equipment in the game is supported, including fashionscape and degradable items like Blowpipe and Barrows. Blend in with real players by creating unique sets of equipment that no other botters are using.

    If you choose a degradable item like the Blowpipe or Barrows equipment, the script will automatically notice when it degrades, and repair/recharge it!



    New Quests

    With Sub Account Builder V2, the following new quests are added for anyone who owns Sub Quester!

    Dream Mentor

    Sleeping Giants

    Temple of the Eye

    The Feud

    The Lost Tribe

    Tribal Totem

    Family Crest

    Below Ice Mountain

    Skippy And The Mogres

    Daddy's Home

    Bear Your Soul

    Family Pest


    New Activities

    This release includes a complete rework of Mining, with new customization options, and all ores, and 50+ new locations!




    Supply Customization

    On the new Supply Customization page, you can choose detailed supplies for each combat style. If the Use Karambwans is enabled, the script will choose to use a mix of your chosen food and Karambwans, and use it to combo heal for increased efficiency.



    Looting Customization

    On the Looting Customization page, various options to fine tune combat looting are available. By adding additional loot, you can ensure that your combat training is fully self sufficient.



    Minimum Loot Value: All loot with a value above the entered amount will be picked up. There are two different values, depending on whether the loot item is stackable or not.

    Special Loot: Tick the boxes to select which common untradable items to loot.

    Additional Loot: In addition to other loot, all items in the 'Additional Loot' list will be looted, no matter their value. You can add loot to this list with the fields underneath this list.

    Drop food for loot: If the 'Drop food for loot' option is ticked, food will be dropped when a valid loot item is on the ground and your inventory is full. If this option isn't ticked the loot will be ignored until you have space in your inventory.


    And More!

    Part 2 of Sub Account Builder V2 will be rolled out on December 16! Stay tuned. 


    Grab the free trial on the store and feel free to join the discord. I'll be around to answer any questions :) 

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