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  • @ Crabs


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    @ Crabs

    The easy to use free AIO crabs!

    This is currently a beta and will only support ammonite crabs for now, expect daily updates to improve any bugs

    Any requests for features or bug fixes will be dealt with as if this was a paid script, I just wanted a simple crab script so I made one and now I want to share it with everyone and make it something easy to use and hopefully have a low ban rate!



    Preloaded spots as well as the ability to set a custom spot to kill crabs at

    Goes with the "afk" method to appear less bot-like

    Opens inventory or skill tab to avoid disconnecting

    Automatically resets aggro of crabs

    Banking to retrieve supplies

    Eating at 15 hp or lower

    Planned Future Features:

    Add potion support

    Make food configurable

    Add special attack support

    Add sand crabs

    Add swamp crabs

    Add rock crabs

    Combat Settings.png

    Bank Settings.png

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    5 hours ago, Zawy said:

    Very nice release!


    3 hours ago, Hashtag said:



    42 minutes ago, Pandemic said:

    Nice release, and welcome back :)

    Thanks friends :) I plan on being somewhat active with free scripts

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    On 3/9/2021 at 5:20 PM, purga44 said:

    not workin for me anymore 😕

    stay in 'startin crabs' and do not start it


    I'll give it a look, and add some features tomorrow :)


    edit: I dont know what you are talking about, I dont even have a "starting crabs" message in my code lol

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    • 1 month later...
    4 hours ago, th3wiz said:

    would it be possible to add add potion function?
    other then that i like it a lot :)


    I can definitely add potion support, it'll be a part of a bigger update hopefully!

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