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    Please redownload the launcher!




    Hello guys, today is a big step in Dreambot’s development! As many of you already know, for the past couple months we have been working on a new UI concept so we could ditch the unstable environment of Java FX and ensure a better experience for people using older UNIX versions. Though what started out as a simple UI redesign, has turned into complete revision to the core of our client; all in the hopes to provide the best product available to our users.

    I also want to thank our users for their support, we wouldn’t be anywhere without you guys! This core rewrite has taken much longer than first expected, and we really want to thank you guys for being patience!

    (This change list is rather large, and we probably will be missing some as so much internal code has changed since our last update)

    • UI

      • Now uses Swing! No longer JavaFX!

        • Flat UI design, keeping everything organized and simple.

        • Complete customization!

        • Change text color

        • Change every component’s color!

        • Change Icon colors!

      • Slide menu panel!

        • Easy access to scripts!

        • Easy access to the SDN!

      • Debugging

        • Organized debugging options!

        • New Tools!

          • Game Debugger

          • Pop out console log

      • Tool improvements:

        • Widget hover lag fix

        • Search features

        • Easier to use.

    • API:

      • Filter:

        • Fixed errors with NameFilter.

      • Walking:

        • Faster path finding times

        • Added PathObstacle support

        • Smoother walking method

        • Can walk across z levels

      • Updated message listener.

      • Modified interactions

      • Fixed latest game update issues.

      • Added new logger class for debugging.

      • WidgetChild

        • Added more hooks

      • Trade

        • Fixed known issues.

      • Deposit Box:

        • Revised old class to now use AbstractContainer

        • Fixed known issues.

      • Static References:

        • Added Instance.getInstance();

        • Added Client.getClient();

    • Other:

      • Added login response checks

      • Ranks:

        • Fixed rank permissions

    Please know that this is a BETA, and will probably still have some bugs that we need to work out.


    We appreciate your guys' patience, we love you all


    The Dream Team

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    Finalllllllllllllly :D

    W0000t gonna start writing scripts noww

    except my eclipse is being a bitch can someone help me out with that

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