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    1. I'd say structurally they are indeed pretty similar. I mean of course they're different Nezz. They're not the same language after all, but structurally they're very close.
    2. Loaded fine for me. Try deleting your DreamBot folder and restarting client?
    3. No Jagex don't detect anything. They use a random number generator do decide who to ban, and since almost every player is a bot they can get away with it
    4. Just a little note for scripters: From now on you guyz will have to use ssh.dreambot.org instead of dreambot.org when trying to access your repo. Eg: [email protected]:dreamscripts.git
    5. I HAXED DREAMBOT AND STOLE THEIR CLIENT On a serious note, nice job devs. It's really gud.
    6. Suureeeeee That's what you said 2 days ago. 2 FKING DAYS jkjk super excited haha
    7. Ericthecmh


      Pandemic, Nezz, Notorious, Chris, Ericthecmh, Eliot, Th3, and Dashboard were the founding members of DreamBot. Then Dashboard, Eliot, Th3 and finally I left the dev team, so right now the devs are Pan, Nezz, Noto, and Chris. The current devs co-own the site and client. No dev is above any other.
    8. Exactly so I'm making a post so people don't forget
    9. Yeah, I can even do it in 6 for 2b
    10. give me your account. I'll get it banned in 24 hours for 500 M
    11. This is what I was going after. I'm not saying Nezz doesn't do a lot of work; he does and DreamBot owes a lot to him, but exactly what Noto said here.
    12. I've been reading the forums and noticing that people seem to be slowly forgetting (or just not realizing) that DreamBot is co-owned and maintained by four developers: @Pandemic @Notorious @Chris All of them have put a lot of effort and work into the client and site, so don't forget to give them all due credit when you're thanking them!
    13. Just like to make it clear that @Notorious, @Pandemic, @Chris are all developers too. Don't forget to give them due credit as well.
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