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    Waddup, Dreambot?

    Used to bot religiously until about 2 years ago. Usually had around 20 different ones running at a time. I used to be a moderator over at an former botting website. Some of you guys may have been around for shadowscripting.org, the home of iDungeoneering by Kiko and ShadowMoose. Dicing, staking and dungeoneering were my specialties. I would host over at Diamonds dicing w54 at the duel arena; if you were ever there, I can almost guarantee you've seen me. I was big into range boxing, vesta long/armor staking, mage boxing, regular boxing, rapier, sol, etc. With 99 att/str/def/hp/mage/range and 120 dung, you'd be surprised how many higher level people would underestimate a lvl 113 with 1 pray and summ. Used to sell rsgp and do some services, too. I probably have more combined dungeoneering XP than anyone who's played, with some accounts even reaching 120.

    I was also a player moderator in game. I would mute spambots, enforce rules, hang out with the dicing clan (this should give away who I am if you've ever diced there), and even go on bot hunts with the jmods. I'm sure I'm in a few bot busting YouTube videos, haha. Not only would I bot bust, but I would go on sites like RSBuddy and my old forums at ShadowScripting to inform them of when and where the bot busts would occur so they would not get caught
    like this:


    Well, eventually Jagex caught up with me and banned every account ever logged into by the IP I was on at the time, including the pmod. The bans were the same day I had reached level 120 on one of my accounts, and I was particularly enraged, so I 100% dropped everything and quit cold turkey.

    Here are some more screenshots of the RS mod forums from way back when!

    Screenshots of when they found out someone was leaking:
    I thought this was hilarious, especially since we had a private citadel bot working an hour after citadels were released:
    And when they found out about iDungeon:

    "Level 1 complexity," hahahahah. More like all 6 complexities, with just about all customizable options as possible. It was great while it lasted.
    --Fast-forward to 07 RuneScape being released--
    Now I'm not nearly as hardcore of a botter, but I did start up a new account who I'm turning into a staker with some skill botting when I'm bored. I refuse to play this new RS stuff. OSRS is exactly how I remember playing it as a kid, and it's what I enjoy. Looking forward to maxing a few more accounts and maybe making some friends here along the way.

    I've been active over at TRiBot since around release, but I don't discriminate  :P 
    I'm looking forward to what Dreambot can do for me and what I can do for Dreambot as well.
    And, as always, happy botting!

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