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    1. take advice from a long time player and botter. no1 here honestly and truthfully has the answer for your question, only the programmers at jagex know. We can do our best to circumvent bot detection with covert, good scripts and a botters common sense and the other 50%.. pure luck. You are in a living world where players pass each other very often. some dont care about bots.. others care very much. sometimes it just isnt your day or even your week. One thing i have learnt over the years is taking time to legit play your account will go a long way to making that account last a lot longer. Ive had accounts banned before even finishing the tutorial island using a script. Ive had others last a few weeks. I haven't had a account last more than 2 weeks but then i dont play legit anymore which i think proves my theory above. I also think that using the same IP and getting multiple strikes increases your chance of getting banned exponentially. Lastly pretty sure proxies dont add great value for money unless you are unable to change your own IP via your router settings.
    2. Pug

      back for a look

      kept sponsor, made money from here so felt i might as well do my bit to keep the community going.
    3. Pug

      back for a look

      whats going on? not been on here in like 18 moths, whats new? anything worth while mentioning? and old guys say hey
    4. this is not true. Only botted accounts will be banned. Jagex gives you the opportunity to make as many new accounts as you wish and are considered a clean slate. As long as you arent using them as mules or to store botted gold/items your non botted accounts are safe on the same IP or not.
    5. So i thought because we have had an influx of new prospective scriptwriters join us over the past few weeks, It would be nice to feed you guys by providing a very helpful course thats incredibly rewarding, informative & funny. Not to mention relevant to scripting here at DreamBot. It isnt heavy at all and as described in the first video ' is a course for anyone, as long as they know how to recognise if a computer is on.' Programming Methodology (Java) Course Notes: http://web.stanford.edu/class/cs106a/
    6. tbh ive never used object.distance() on its own so idk. i always use it like i have out of habit lol. You should also have a look at the shortcuts i use there super helpful rather than typing out getLocalPlayer() and shitlike that. gets annoying as fuck.
    7. needed a script to give bones at a gilded altar owned by someone else. releasing it for public use. feel free to mess with it / change it to fit your needs. Start script in Yanille bank with bones in inventory. Pastebin: http://pastebin.com/cGeinUqa Source: works pretty decent for me. Could add way more to it. This script will not be maintained unless I need it, then i may remember to update it here also. (3rd May 16)
    8. easiest way would to add it to my ENUM e.g WALK_TO_WIZ, KILL_IMPS etc then put the methods below e.g private void walkToWiz() {} private void killImps() {} use a switch statement in your onLoop thanks also removed the idea's that have been said. thanks guys
    9. Idea's for scripters: Player Owned House Prayer script Summer Garden minigame script Soduku script law rune balloon method script abyss crafter script more quests to add to my script f2p or p2p. maybe someone can do waterfall? slave/master natures (noted ess from shop run to altar trade master. master crafts, repeat.) farming script. Perhaps just a part of it and expand. Magic arena script (MTA) Clue scroll solver. bot farm manager script. blackjack script. glory ammy charger script. dragon scale collector another minigame script: - barb assualt - puro puro script - castle wars - blast furnace - nightmare zone / hosting feel free to suggest more. if you notice something we dont have.
    10. Use this: http://dreambot.org/forums/index.php/topic/2924-dreambot-user-guide/ yes it works with the latest update.
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