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  • Cloakd Quester [DB3] [10HP Support] [Multi-Brain] [In Progress Quest Support] [Progressive/Random Mode] [Death Retry]


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    Quest In Progress Support

    Unlike most other questers, Cloakd Quester FULLY supports quests that are partially completed. 


    - Built For DB3

    The script has been designed from the ground up for DB3 to provide better performance, reliability and all the latest functionality DB3 brings with it.


    MultiBrain Technology

    Cloakd Scripts utilize its unique Multi-Brain technology to provide the most fluid and efficient actions


    - Intelligent Combat Handling

    All quests are designed around 10HP support. Where applicable the script will use combat techniques to bypass any hard to kill mobs (such as tagging) and also pray if it has the required prayer level.


    Feature Breakdown


    - Grand Exchange Support

    - Purchases required Quest items

    - Purchases any additional supplies needed (Teleports/Jewelry/Food)

    - Realtime price updates - never get stuck trying to buy an item


    - 10HP + Death Support

    - Built from the ground up to support 10HP accounts in the most efficient way for questing

    - Upon bot death the script will recover its items and continue questing.


    - Humanlike Idles

    Script emulates human like breaks, idles and reaction times. 


    - Turing Complete

    By utilizing logic validation and MultiBrain technology, the script will never stop or idle


    - Quest Queuing

    Easily queue up multiple quests to run that will run back to back


    - Intuative GUI

    Adjust the paramaters and quests all in an easy to use GUI






    Randomized positioning

    Randomized pathing

    Human Like Idling & Afk

    Randomized collection & banking

    Zoom/Camera Support

    Resizable Mode

    Real-Time Pattern Heuristics

    Advanced Fatigue System modelled from Human data - Over 30 datapoints of variation



    This script can be started from pretty much anywhere. Simply ensure that the account has enough Gold to purchase the required items or make sure the items are in the bots inventory/bank. As this script does traverse the entire map its worth having Varrock Tablets in the bank to ensure it can always recover



    CLI Options




    Progress Reports




    Script Trials

    12 hour trials are available, simply like the page and comment here!


    Bug Reports

    Provide as much info on the bug as possible

    Provide a print screen of the client + the debug console


    Release Notes


    v2.5 Release

    - DB3 Build

    - 12 Quests

    - Multi-Brain

    - Cloakd Anti-Pattern


    Edited by TheCloakdOne
    v2.5 SDN Release
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