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    Greetings Everyone,

    It has been a while since I posted a guide or an informative thread, so here I am breaking the silence!

    Here I'm discussing the reasons why your bot account is getting banned, and ways to prevent lengthen the bot's lifetime. I've also wrote my experiments and others' experiments and what we can extract from them.

    So yeah, leggo!

    Let's start with questions asked frequently regarding bans.


    1) How does JAGEX Detect if I'm Botting or not?

    The exact process they make to detect bots is unknown, and it'll stay unknown. But, through experiences, experiments, and live monitoring we can extract a couple ways they detect macroing.


    Making several fresh accounts on the same IP, then straight putting them to work.
    Making several fresh accounts and straight bonding them. (Controversy)
    Making accounts and straight spamming.
    Making accounts in a different location then logging in on them in a far away location.
    Botting using VPNs (Controversy)
    Botting using Datacenter Proxies (Highly Controversial) 


    2) What's the correct amount of breaks and how long should they be?

    There are no set in stone values for this, and if there was it'd be hilarious.. (Hey.. set your breaks to X,Y,Z and you'll be out of Jagex's eyesight.. yeah piss off)

    So what's the answer? Well.. instead of thinking like a machine, think like a normal player!!

    If the script was bossing script, how long would you kill that boss for per day? Do you get tired and take small breaks here and there while slaying that npc?

    A normal human would take short bathroom breaks, afk breaks, and long breaks. So do the same.


    Some scripts may not support DreamBot's breaks naturally. (I.E: Killing bosses) Why? DreamBot's breaks D/Cs the bot player, and you surely don't want that while killing an NPC that can kill your bot easily. So to overcome this: 

    Your options are:

    • - Manually Stop the script.
    • - Ask the scripter to include built-in breaks
    • - Get it private scripted.


    3) Is my chance on getting banned higher when using Public Scripts?

    Yes & No.


    If the public script you're using is quality and made by a reputable scripter then you should be fine (*cough* like mine *cough*).

    What defines a script as quality-patternwise? Well you should take a look at it working, are its movements repetitive? are there no actions that might break the pattern (Anti-Pattern/AntiBan)?

    Some scripters nowadays like to include random movements every now and then to break the repetition-actions if its applicable in the script their writing. 

    Big Note: Some factors that can cause the same effect even if its private or public, here are 2:

    [Factor 1] The script method is highly botted:
    If the script's method is highly botted then the method is obviously high ban rate
    since the method would be monitored more and maybe higher antibotting practices have
    been applied to this particular method.
    [Factor 2] The script interacts with real people:
    If the script interacts with real people then obviously its high ban rate.. 
    Why? Player reports, location (I.E: Grand Exchange) targetting, etc.
    Example: Dicing
    Dicing is a high ban rate but uber high gp/hr. It's a sword with two edges so be careful!

    Example on how dicers can be profitable:



    4) Where do I bot?? What proxy.. all this datacenter/residential conflict is baffling me!?

    Here's what we know, as it's hard to answer this question straight.

    • It has been confirmed that JAGEX does detect bots that run on flagged IPs. (Flagged IPs: IPs/Proxies that have been marked as a bot farm IP)
    • 1 Flagged Datacenter Proxy can affect its own whole subnet and mark them all as flagged. (Subnet: The IP's family [EX:,,] 
    • Static SOCKS5 Residential Proxies are deemed as they best proxies to use for high quality Botting (Residential Proxies: Home IPs)
    • Pure Residential Proxies are soo hard to get, and especially in a economic way (Think how much your home internet costs per month and add on top of that)
    • You can make your proxies, but buying IPs from your local Internet provider and make it a proxy through a server/raspberry PI.
    • Not all Datacenter proxies are flagged, you can find safe non-popular Datacenter proxies. I've seen people suicide for weeks on Datacenter proxies without getting banned.
    • Keeping the amount of bots on a single proxy low will help lessen the chances of you going bankrupt due to less ChainBans (ChainBans: Jagex detects 1 bot on the proxy then bans all/most bots on that proxy)
    • A lot of (if not all) the proxy sellers you see on Botting forums are just resellers (Server sellers included), so your chance of getting a flagged proxy from them is the same as getting it online.


    5) Botting on Linux gets my accounts banned/locked faster than on Windows

    I can verify that this is true, I have experimented with this a lot in the past and it seems that Jagex raises more suspicion to people running RuneScape on Linux machines (Especially operating systems other than Ubuntu). So go for the safer option and opt for Windows.

    Good place for cheap and high power servers: https://contabo.com 


    6) The Offhours debate

    To answer this quick and short, It's a good idea to bot on Jagex off hours due to the AntiBotting team being off-work. This diminishes the chance that you may get caught by a JMOD (especially in highly botted areas that might get checked manually)


    7) Accounts Debate (Manually Created/Tut-Botted/Rested)

     This is also a major player in quick bans & quick locks.

    So from what I've seen from botter's live experiences:

    • Manually Made Tut Island Accounts on Proxies then botted on straight after get banned real quick (The speed of the bans depend on the script-method)
    • Manually Made Tut Island Accounts on Home IPs then botted on straight after get banned quick but it takes a bit longer (The speed of the bans depend on the script-method)
    • Botted Tut Island Accounts on Proxies then botted on straight after get locked and/or banned real quick.
    • Botted Tut Island Accounts on Home IPs then botted on straight after get locked/banned quick but it takes a bit longer (The speed of the bans depend on the script-method)
    • All of the above + resting (Leaving the account untouched until 7 days or more) increases the bot life immensely. The more the time, the better the chances.

    Account Buying Short Guide:

    - Make sure the accounts are rested for a long while.
    - Make sure the accounts creation location is close to where you wanna bot it (If you're going to be Botting a proxy make sure its near the proxy's location).
    - Make sure the accounts were created on a Residential IP (I.E: Rotating Residential Proxy Pool) 
    - Check the seller's feedback and ask for vouches
    - Buy 1 and test it yourself before ordering in bulk.


    8 ) Where should I log in onto my mules?

    Residential proxies/Home-IP/Mobile-IP (Don't risk the account you're storing your GP on).



    @Haxjagaren (on DefiledScripts Discord Server) Experience:

    - Botted DefiledLavaDragons on a DataCenter proxy from Proxy6 for a week straight on 3 accounts. No bans. 

    Conclusion from this experience report: Not all datacenter proxies are flagged and some work great. Public scripts aren't bad, they can be exceptionally good.


    Gudi (Former JMOD/Now OSRS Youtuber) account creation bans:

    - This YouTuber made several accounts, bonded them, and started manually training them (prayer). All the accounts got chain banned in a few hours even though he wasn't Botting and he was using the real client.

    Conclusion: Making several accounts even if they are handmade then bonding them and going to town with them directly will get you banned as that's suspicious activity.. and this also proves chain bans.


    EvScape (Youtuber) account ban:

    - This YouTube played on his alt for over 20 hours without taking a single break, and he got banned (He wasn't Botting and he was using the official client)

    Conclusion: Botting for a long time without breaks points as suspicious activity.


    Bot Users Feedback (DefiledDicer)

    - People that switched from the Grand Exchange to other spots got reduced bans.

    Conclusion: Some spots are more monitored than others. Crowded spots are more likely to get you banned if you're interacting publicly.


    *Private User* (Spamming)

    - Spamming bot that hops every now and then get locked on hop. (DC Proxies are used)

    Conclusion: Network checks occur on hops.


    Reply with your experiences so people can make use of that! Speaking of your experiences won't ruin Botting dw! xD



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    I recommend people botting 24 hours straight on f2p bots, it works 1/15 tries :) 

    Besides that, thank you for this very nice guide, I will take your word for it


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    10 minutes ago, wettofu said:

    I recommend people botting 24 hours straight on f2p bots, it works 1/15 tries :) 

    Besides that, thank you for this very nice guide, I will take your word for it


    Well F2P increases the ban rate chance immenssely but w/e .. the risk is uber low so let the ban train pass xD

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    I think another thing to point out is the days in which people should bot, what would you say regarding that? 

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    1 minute ago, Doc97 said:

    I think another thing to point out is the days in which people should bot, what would you say regarding that? 

    Well, in regards to days.. it doesnt .atter a whole lot..

    but like..

    weekdays evening GMT is offhours.. weekends are offhours..

    mondays are speculated to be the mass bot banning days.. so botting furoiusly on sundays isnt advised. <-- this is a myth/speculation.. so take your chances

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    4 minutes ago, Pandemic said:

    Nice guide! Great work :)


    3 minutes ago, m4rr3co said:

    wow, that's some VERY good info...

    thanks a lot!

    Thanks guys

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