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  • Still not working? Try downloading and running JarFix
  • Help! My bot doesn't do anything! Enable fresh start in client settings and restart the client
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  1. Followed this step by step, got my foot stuck in the dishwasher. 10/10
  2. Last 10 pages only bad news and no responds, since at least 7th of feb. will not even consider getting this one untill replies and fixes.
  3. Still does not work on giants or mob in caves... Dont wanna kill frogs all day
  4. Ah i went to bed and just fished at draynor, account didnt survive for 2 hours and got banned. Testing another one at lumbridge right now.. i know draynor is heavly monitored
  5. Does not support small net fishing… just stands there rotating camera randomly… I bought the script for this and fly fish, can you look at it? Tried different location and it is fishing. nevermind ignore post. does not small net at lumbridge for me fyi dunno why
  6. Also buggy at moss Giants at members... hope for a fix it just stops randomly, got ranged, pickup Arrow and bury bones on
  7. Think some locations with roofs or in dungeons are not supported. And yes i have roofs disable in the game option
  8. Script stops after 5 minutes and does nothing just stand there? Might need a fix because I am pretty sure I have all the settings right.
  9. Legendo been using this script for a couple of days. Works good, not a ban yet also because I don't script hoursss in a row. Just a couple of points that I have noticed that you might consider looking at. The double manta random event, or even the single event the bot will run to the next fishing spot but if in the meantime the single manta event stops on the spot you were already fishing on it will run back to the same spot, which makes it look really weird. Double manta random event it will Always run to the same tile when it appears. I have been keeping an eye out while botting and I have noticed somebody using a strong bot which already moves to the next tile when you can not catch minnows the last second of the fishing spot. Next to this dude awesome job amazing bot.
  10. When was the last time this script got a good update? Noticed that some people are getting banned so maybe the script is recognized and needs some click spot changes? Want to know before I buy dont need a trial.
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