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    1. GUI updated ma dudes. Will be implementing tasks so i can release this little baby in SDN.
    2. thanks bro, i already feel warmer inside... ill try my best to keep this up to date
    3. Trying to learn a bit about GitHub and grow as a developer overall. I'll release these scripts as soon as I have something that will actually do something in Dreambot. The main idea of this is to add a fuck ton of basic tasks for F2P so we have that all covered in this community and can mainly do P2P stuff. Built-in Tut Island. 100% Open for suggestions GitHub: https://github.com/m4rr3co/dreambot-scripts 03 / 17 / 2021: Looking for GUI suggestions. 03/ 18 / 2021: Added info to tasks when they're right clicked (Photo below).
    4. pmed you my Discord!

    5. Added you on discord

    6. pm me your discord whenever you're available
    7. sure man, pm me your discord 😃
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