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  • [Community] Starting A Gold Bot Farm


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    Hello Everyone!

    Before I start this tutorial, I would like to declare this tutorial as a Community Cooperation Tutorial, where every member has the opportunity to add in new content to this thread for it to become a 1 stop place for newbies to begin their hopefully lucrative gold farming journey!

    What I have in here is from personal experience, and tips that I got from awesome members like @depwession @yeeter01 

    Table of contents:

    1. Downloading the Client
    2. Understanding the Client
    3. Understanding ranks & recommendations
    4. Understanding Proxies
    5. Bot/Slave Account Creation
    6. Bot/Slave Account Buying
    7. Understanding Bot Timing/Breaks/Anti-Pattern
    8. Understanding Script Types
    9. Understanding Scripting
    10. Dealing with Bans/Locks
    11. Mules & Super-Mules
    12. Dumping End-Products
    13. Selling the Gold
    14. Frequently Asked Questions


    1) Downloading the Client

    Downloading the Client is the simplest part! 

    Head over to "https://dreambot.org" and click Download Now!



    2) Understanding the Client

    The DreamBot Client offers many features that can assist you on accomplishing a successful bot farm!

    The main sections you'll need to understand fully is:

    1. Manage Accounts
    2. Manage Scripts
    3. Client Settings

    [1] Manage Accounts

    Adding accounts the Classic Way:

    • Navigate to File > Manage Accounts
    • Click Add Account
    • Fill in the Information Indicated by the Red Arrows in the Image Below.
    • Save Account
    • Repeat to Add All Accounts


    You can use @Hashtag Mass Account Adder to add in your Bot Farm Accounts more Easily!

    Add The Script | View Script Thread/Topic


    [2] Manage Scripts

    - Adding Public Free/Paid Scripts

    Navigate to the DreamBot Public SDN and Add the scripts you are in need of!

    - Adding Local Scripts (Private Script OR Script Made By YOU)

    Navigate to the Users Folder on Your Computer, then look for the DreamBot Folder

    Paste Your Scripts in the "Scripts" Folder in .JAR format.

    Learn More About Compiling: Eclipse | IntelliJ

    -- To View Your Scripts: (Click Refresh Each Time You Make A Change In The Scripts)



    [3] Client Settings

    You can Learn More about the Client Settings by clicking here!

    The main ones I use are the 

    1. CPU Saver (Reduces strain on CPU by transferring it over)
    2. Disable Sound Effects (You don't really want to hear mixed up SFX from numerous Bots lol)
    3. Fresh Start (Deletes Jagex Cache, Has a nice chance of Preventing Bans/Locks when opening up second sessions)
    4. Covert Mode (VIP Only) Read About it
    5. You can learn more about the other settings that may prove very useful to you! Ex. Increasing Mouse Speed = More End-Product in Mouse Intensive Scripts



    Useful Links:

    Useful In-depth Client Guide by @Computor 


    3) Understanding Ranks & Recommendations

    I'm not going to go in in-depth details of the ranks because you can read about them in deep details here.

    • Scripter

    The Scripter rank allows you to upload free scripts onto the Public SDN.

    • Scripter+

    The Scripter+ rank allows you to upload paid scripts onto the Public SDN.

    • VIP

    The VIP Rank which is the most popular rank to have allow you to have unlimited tabs open, VIP only scripts, VIP only forum section, & covert mode.

    • Sponsor

    The Sponsor rank has all what the VIP rank offers + the ability to advertise your Botting-Related stores/businesses on the forums/signature.

    • Lifetime Sponsor

    Same as Sponsor but Lifetime.


    I recommend you guys start with no rank, test the environment & learn more about it then hop onto the VIP rank train!


    4) Understanding Proxies

    Proxies are masks for your IP,  instead of Jagex seeing your Home IP.. they detect a totally different IP in a different location.

    Proxies have many advantages like for an example:

    1. They protect your Home IP from being flagged by Jagex for Botting
    2. They allow you to run high amounts of bots on your device while each of the bots have different identities/IPs.
    3. Prevent Chain Bans 
    4. Read more about Proxies: 


    Where to get Proxies? As @yeeter01 recommended: 

    Make your own proxies using physical IPs from your local ISP on a raspberry device.

    Read more about creating your own proxies.


    Why make your own proxy?

    Many SOCKS5 proxy providers are used up like crazy by botters, that means that the majority of proxies provided by them are more than likely are flagged and will cause your accounts to be locked/banned really rapidly!


    5) Bot/Slave Account Creation

    Bot/Slave Account Self-Creation (Not recommended)

    You'd need to have residential rotating proxies available to create the accounts, as creating multiple accounts on an IP is suspicious and may get your account locked straight outta compton tutorial island.

    To do this really rapidly, I advise you guys to use @henrique190 Account Creator using 2Captcha Solver.

    Add this script | View Script Topic/Thread

    A suggestion by @Kiji:

    Use Manly Tutorial for automated Account creation & Tutorial Island Complesion. 

    You can also use #1Quester to complete Tutorial Island + 7QP Quests.

    6) Bot/Slave Account Buying (Recommended)

    You can buy already made 7QP Level 3 Accounts and more by viewing the Account Buying/Selling Section

    I also want to vouch for @depwession who I have bought numerous accounts from with no problem at all.


    7) Understanding Bot Timing/Breaks/Anti-Pattern

    • Timing

    Timing is crucial in the botting world, as botting during Jagex Work Hours have a higher chance of getting your Bot Banned.

    So my advice is to bot substantially less during Jagex Work Hours, and more in the Jagex Off-Hours/Weekends/Holidays.

    • Breaks

    Dreambot has its own break system where you can set your bot to pause for a period of time (Deviation is available).

    Here is the Break's Interface:


    • Anti-Pattern

    Having Anti-Pattern in your/public scripts is really useful as it has the chance to avoid bans.

    Anti Pattern Examples: Bot Path Changes, Bot Chat Responder/Random Messager, Random Camera Movement, etc..



    😎 Understanding Script Types

    Free Scripts are awesome because they're free right? Well yes & no.

    Free means that the script will be used by numerous botters, so by that.. the script's pattern/method will be more known by Jagex, therefore have a higher ban-chance.

    This ofcourse doesn't mean that you shouldn't use free scripts, but just be aware of this fact and bot safely!

    Finally, you should know the ban rate can be affected by the quality of the script/scripter.

    Paid scripts are less used because they're ofcourse monetized, and people who buy paid scripts more than often bot more safely than Free Script users.

    You should alse know the ban rate can be affected by the quality of the script/scripter even on Paid Scripts.

    Private scripts are scripts that are written FOR YOU, therefore you are the sole user of the script. Private scripts are the way to go as you can request features like Anti-Pattern, Automated Muling, Automated breaks encoded within the script. 


    9) Understanding scripting

    Writing your own scripts gives you the ability to pop out any idea as a script whenever you want, and this is an awesome advantage in my eyes.

    Writing scripts isn't difficult but needs practice! 

    You can find numerous guides on DreamBot Scripting here


    10) Dealing with Bans/Locks


    1. Make sure that you have an email attached with the account.

    2. Unlock your account via email.

    3. Mule everything the once-locked account has (Why?)

    Why? Once accounts get locked, they have a really high chance to get banned or locked again.



    Unfortunately you cannot recover banned bots as you have been indeed botting.

    BUT, you can try to prevent getting banned again by following these steps:

    1. Take a break from botting for a couple hours.

    2. Close all clients opened on the machine, then enable fresh start on the DB Client. (This will delete

    the Jagex Cache).

    3. Check if your IP is flagged by creating an account then by doing Tutorial Island. (Probably Not)


    11) Mules & Super-Mules

    Muling is essential in botting, because not collecting the end-products from your bots periodically may results in a financial loss when the bots get banned inevitably.

    How to mule? 

    It's simple yet really tiresome to do it manually:

    Trade your bots & Take the items.

    Automatically: Have it private scripted into your script OR use #1Muler by @Hashtag

    Add the script | View Script Topic/Thread


    What are Super-Mules?

    If you're as stubborn as I am, then use Super-Mules.

    Super-Mules basically mule the mule every 24 - 48 hours, and it is done manually.

    I often use my main as the super-mule or atleast an aged account with some basic levels on it.


    12) Dumping End-Products

    Dumping/Selling your End-Products play a huge role in market crash, as you're dumping more of the item into the Grand Exchange/Shops.

    Sell your End-Products in Portions every day.


    13) Selling the Gold

    You can sell the gold on this here forums for a higher price while taking a risk, or you could sell the gold on popular sites like (Not going to name them, use Google) with a low risk of getting scammed.

    Selling Gold Section


    14) Frequently Asked Questions:

    DreamBot User FAQ

    This section will be updated everyday based on the replies to this thread.

    1. How many bots should I have on 1 IP?

    I've personally tried up to 15 simple clicker bots on 1 IP for 12 hours a hours a day (Ofcourse, I divided a full 24 day by 2 hour breaks using Breaks), and the bots are still alive to this day.

    It's all up to Trial & Error!




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    19 minutes ago, Infidel said:

    Looks like you put a lot of time into this. Nice efforts and good content for google index.

    Thank you!

    This topic idea popped in my head when i saw a lot of newcomers asking the same ol' questions..

    So.. now.. whenever someone asks a question regarding gold farming.. it could be answered here and inserted into the topic.

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