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Im a baller scam

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On the 30th of January I contacted @Im A Baller to make me a private script. Everything took some time because of time zones and RL things.

Payment was made on the 5th of February (and confirmed by him).

Script completed somewhere between 10th and 17th of February (5-12 days, of work. Seemed long).

 From that point, for him it was just send the script, some information to set it up (not really needed, it should been simple) and it was all fine.

It's been 20 days since he claimed the script was completed, 6 days since I last heard of him.

I messaged him several times without a response. In that time he have been on several times (green dot on Discord), but no response. I had some patience with him, gave him a 2 day warning and now that time is over.


With this I would like to warn everyone to be careful trading with him. There might be something else going around, but finding a file on your PC, uploading and sending it shouldn't take more then 5 mins.

Baller scam.png

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For the last month or so, I’ve honestly been pretty inactive, and I apologize for this, as my daily life has been cutting into my time for scripting drastically (i’m even typing this on my phone now bc I was notified of the dispute). I can deliver the script and a 50% refund as well, or just give a full refund. I’m happy to do either, because I recognize that this has been far, far too long, and that I shouldn’t have accepted a request with my schedule. 

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It looks like Baller dropped the ball on this one. But it looks like an honest enough mistake. For many of us, this is just a hobby and sometimes we get overwhelmed by other things in life such that we forget about it. I'm glad you guys could resolve it amicably.

Let us know when the script has been delivered, and whether or not you opted to receive any refund. We will close this dispute after.

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On 3/11/2019 at 2:49 PM, eistdrah said:

If the script can be delivered within a week I'm fine with just just the script.

If not then I will contact someone else to make it and a refund.


We all make mistakes.

I appreciate your understanding; it's kind of you. As of now, I have 3 exams this week (oral language exam, written language exam, and physics exam :\), but spring break is this weekend, and I'll have Friday-Monday completely free, if that works for you. If not, I still have the gold sitting on my account, and am happy to give a complete refund, or the script itself and a 50% refund. your call :)

Edited by Im A Baller

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5 hours ago, eistdrah said:

I'm fine with the script in the weekend. If the script works I don't need a 50% refund, but thanks for the offer.

With this the dispute can be closed.

We'll keep it open until the script is delivered and this is resolved. So just let us know when you and baller can get a time to finish this up.

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I don't know if you have been able to get it going yet, but I still don't have it.

Also can't seem to get to you on discord and private message's seems to be blocked on DB.

Can you just send the script trough discord,

If I don't have it on Friday I will get someone else to make it and want the refund.

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