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  1. Still working things out. School kept things taking longer.
  2. I don't know if you have been able to get it going yet, but I still don't have it. Also can't seem to get to you on discord and private message's seems to be blocked on DB. Can you just send the script trough discord, If I don't have it on Friday I will get someone else to make it and want the refund.
  3. I'm fine with the script in the weekend. If the script works I don't need a 50% refund, but thanks for the offer. With this the dispute can be closed.
  4. If the script can be delivered within a week I'm fine with just just the script. If not then I will contact someone else to make it and a refund. We all make mistakes.
  5. *THIS DISPUTE IS WITH @Im A Baller* TL;DR: On the 30th of January I contacted @Im A Baller to make me a private script. Everything took some time because of time zones and RL things. Payment was made on the 5th of February (and confirmed by him). Script completed somewhere between 10th and 17th of February (5-12 days, of work. Seemed long). From that point, for him it was just send the script, some information to set it up (not really needed, it should been simple) and it was all fine. It's been 20 days since he claimed the script was completed, 6 days since I last heard of him. I messaged him several times without a response. In that time he have been on several times (green dot on Discord), but no response. I had some patience with him, gave him a 2 day warning and now that time is over. With this I would like to warn everyone to be careful trading with him. There might be something else going around, but finding a file on your PC, uploading and sending it shouldn't take more then 5 mins.
  6. Somehow I can't message him on DB, else I would also have tried that. He used to have a skype but can't find it. Maybe @Im A Baller, See if he sees that sometime soon. Might also be the problems I'm getting with this script is a DB hook problem, seeing more people having the same problems.
  7. The script stopped working. It looks like it can't connect to it's database (separate server). When looking up suggested items it says it loaded suggested items in the UI, but can't find anything (client console says it connects, but the connection timed out. When manually looking items up it gives an error and says it can't find the item in the database (the items are spelled correctly, it loaded the same items from a save file that did work, but still can't do anything with it) All other error giving the same errors in the console (null:-1) I'm not sure if he left us, or something else is going on, but I bought a private script from him 4 weeks ago and he claimed almost 3 weeks ago he completed it. last message I had from him was last Sunday, saying he would be on in an hour to give me the script. He been on several times since then, messaged him and all but no response. Going to make a dispute to him to warn others if I don't hear back in 2 days, money is most likely gone.
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