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  • Hacked 3 times this week.

    we bad at pk

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    So before you all accuse me of "clicking on a phising link" i DID NOT. i have had this account for like 3 years, built the bank to 200m. 

    So this is how it went down. I decided i would download a 9.99 NMZ script because i dont hear about anyone getting banned from it. I LOG IN to DB and save my username etc (DB Has good reviews so thought i could trust it). 

    So note ive had this account 3 years. I use NMZ bot 1 time and i get logged out out of my account. Thought maybe it crashed, so whatever. I waited 15 minutes before i could get in. I Log back in, to see all my shit gone. NOTE: THEY GOT THRU MY AUTH.

    I spent hours looking for a Rat/Keylogger. And then did the unimaginable. I Put a whole new drive in, and reinstalled windows 10 etc. 

    So i did some investigating. I waited and waited. Roughly 2 weeks. I put 100m on an alternate account 2 days after being hacked and i didnt touch DB or anything. 

    All is fine and dandy, so i Download DB Again! And guess what, it got hacked that same day once again. An account that has AUTH, and everything. 

    So this is my story i do not recrommened this bot, scripts work great but the bot itself sends passwords to an ip

    Also this is what comes up in one of the files for DB.



    This isnt all of it neither, it sends info with java language that im having trouble encrypt but i know for a fact that this bot, or owners of the bot is doing shady shit with it. Even after paid customers pay for scripts DB still desperate for rsgold. 

    Roast me if you want, DB hacks you if you have alot of money on the account. Facts. 

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    Compromised email? They got through your 2-step auth and all.


    I don't mean to be a dick, but if you get encrypt/decrypt wrong and don't recognize json and talk about some java language messages, then I have a reason to doubt your understanding of the stuff you are talking about.

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    Yeah, even if we did steal your account information (which we don't, just to be clear.) There's no way we'd get on your account with 2fa, unless we also had your email access, which we don't. I think you can also set up 2fa with your phone? but I'm not positive on that one. I don't use 2fa on accounts.

    Also, our login solver doesn't do auth codes, I'm not sure how you were running the scripts.

    You did get hacked, that's apparently certain. I can assure you that it wasn't from us. The only thing we ever do with your account information is store it locally. The scripts on our store are manually reviewed for any malicious content (like sending account information) before being compiled.

    Even the information we store locally is encrypted. Sorry about your loss, but you should be checking elsewhere for your issues.

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    Store it locally for a hacker ? I see what the client sends, 2 different files which looks to be email and password, to a specific ip using shark.

    And for the test i used another email on a brand new account. Im not phished, ive been around awhile. Only thing that has my info is DB. Sorry but your client is compromised to someone else then to get users info. And my account info was never changed. Was just logged into and took all valueables. 

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    Image result for so much special meme




    All_JOKES_ASIDE:   I am sorry you got hacked.  I am more dumbfounded on how you managed to let it happen again with a fresh hard drive?  Unless you have multiple hard drives?  I'm assuming that when you got your new hard drive installed & windows, you went a head and downloaded everything right away again.  Here's my suggestion.  Go here and take your pick. https://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2388652,00.asp  Restart your computer up in safe mode w/o networking.  Run your antivirus of choice and see what comes up. Also, if you were infected with a rat/trojan (which you more than likely were),  after you clean up your computer, change every password you've ever had.  Good luck! 

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    THREE TIMES????????????!!!!!!!!!!!! 3????????? GOOD GOLLY!!111


    i use plenty of scripts and have yet to get hacked for 500m

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